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For the raccoon, see Bandit (NPC). For the dog, see Bandit (dog).
Bandits roaming the back alleys of Theramore Isle.

Bandits prey upon hapless travelers and soldiers alike. These lawless "rogues" think only of theft and burglary and enjoy causing great pain to their victims as well. Though the Alliance has offered large bounties towards the capture of these wretched men, they always find a way to slink back into the shadows of the wilds.[1] These criminals are often used by the Uncrowned.


A bandit in Warcraft III.

At the start of the Third War, Arthas Menethil encountered the Bloodhill Bandits led by Menag near Strahnbrad.[2] Several bandits attacked villagers on the King's Road. They were defeated by Arthas.[3]

During the Burning Legion's third invasion, several gangs of bandits were recruited into the Uncrowned by Lonika Stillblade.




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