NeutralBanish the Demons
Start Kronk
End Kronk
Level 20-30
Category Blade's Edge Mountains

+350 Ogri'la

+350 Sha'tari Skyguard
Rewards  [Darkrune]
4g 40s
Next N [20-30 Daily] Banish More Demons

You must be Honored with Ogri'la to be eligible for this quest.

This quest is followed by the repeatable quest N [20-30 Daily] Banish More Demons.


Kronk has asked you to use the  [Banishing Crystal] to banish 15 demons at Forge Camp: Wrath or Forge Camp: Terror atop the Blade's Edge Mountains. Return it to him once you have done so.


You've arrived at the perfect time, friend! We are in need of assistance. In return, you will receive something very rare, which will help us both in the end.

We're not a violent ogre any longer, but the demons nearby threaten to overrun us and the Skyguard. The problem with demons is that, once killed, they come right back in new bodies!

But, if you use this crystal to summon a banishing portal, when they die near it, their essences will be drawn in and banished back from whence they came!


We trust that you've used the banishing crystal to send a whole slew of those Burning Legion things packing?!


That'll teach them! And, of course, now for your reward.

The demons of Forge Camp: Wrath, to the north, have created a special transporter on their southern border. This experimental gate is being used to expand the forge camp, and we don't think we need to tell you how that will effect us if they expand too far.

However, if we were you, we'd take this  [Darkrune] over to Gahk, and ask him how you can help. Just take it easy on him, <name>. Like you, he's new here.



To banish a demon, create a portal by using the Banishing Crystal. Defeat demons near the portal while the portal lasts.

Each use of the banishing crystal requires an  [Apexis Shard].

Killing a Ganarg counts as banishing a demon. Killing a hellboar does not.

The mobs at Forge Camp: Wrath do less damage than those at Forge Camp: Terror.

The notable damaging attack, the Fel Flames spell from the Fear Fiend at Forge Camp: Terror can do over 1200 damage per second. However, it has a long casting time, and the demon casting it is channeling while it is going on. It has a relatively short range(5-8y), so you may be able to back out of range.

Note: Who taps the mob doesn't care. The "soul" of the enemy always goes to the portal next to it.

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