NeutralBanshee's Revenge
Start The Bone Witch
End The Bone Witch
Level 25-30
Type Group (5)
Category Icecrown
Experience 37000 (or 22g 20s at 80)
Reputation +500 Knights of the Ebon Blade
Rewards  [Vengance Shiv],  [Quickblade of Cold Return],  [The Witching Grimoire],  [Bonecaster's Endgame], or  [Bulwark of Redemption]
Previous N [25-30G5] Not-So-Honorable Combat
Next N [25-30] Battle at Valhalas


The Bone Witch at Njorndar Village has asked you to exact her revenge by challenging and defeating Overthane Balargarde.

Suggested Players [5]


The time has come, <name>. You and your friends must challenge the lord of Balargarde Fortress, the master of Jotunheim, Overthane Balargarde.

Atop the fortress, which is on the southwestern edge of Jotunheim, you will find a horn. Blow into it. Allow your challenge to resound throughout the steadfast.

Balargarde will have no choice but to face you. And I... excuse me, Vardmadra will be there to adjudicate the challenge.

<The banshee-possessed vrykul lets out a bellowing cackle.>


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv weapon shortblade 72.png [Vengance Shiv] Inv sword 91.png [Quickblade of Cold Return]
Inv misc book 06.png [The Witching Grimoire] Inv misc orb 05.png [Bonecaster's Endgame]
Inv shield 51.png [Bulwark of Redemption]


Words cannot describe what I'm feeling at the moment, <name>. My revenge is complete and there is naught else for me to do.

If only I could be there when the Lich King is finally taken down.

Don't fool yourself though. Jotunheim is far from 'dealt' with. I will remain in possession of this witch until such time as the vrykul are no longer a threat.

Look around, there are many items of value in this cave. Take your pick.


Possessed Vardmadra yells: He's on his way!
Overthane Balargarde yells: You dare to challenge me? You haven't earned the right!
Possessed Vardmadra yells: Wrong, Balargarde. You WILL accept this challenge!
Overthane Balargarde yells: Vardmadra?! Did the Lich King send you personally?
Overthane Balargarde yells: Very well. I will dispatch these creatures. It is only an inconvenience. Prepare to die!
Overthane Balargarde yells: Safirdrang, let them feel the chill of Icecrown!

At 50%:

Overthane Balargarde yells: STOP! Kneel you fools, it's the Lich King!
The Lich King yells: Honor guard stay where you are.
The Lich King yells: Vardmadra. I'd wondered where you disappeared to. How is Iskalder?
Possessed Vardmadra yells: My lord.
The Lich King yells: I see through your disguse, Lady Nightswood. YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN FOOL ME?!
Possessed Vardmadra yells: But...!
The Lich King strikes Vardmadra down
The Lich King yells: You may continue your combat, overthane.
Overthane Balargarde yells: But, my lord...?
The Lich King yells: But nothing! Finish them! DO NOT FAIL ME, BALARGARDE!
Overthane Balargarde yells: DIE DOGS!
Lady Nightswood smiles and flies off to return to possessing The Bone Witch.


The Lich King yells: You have bested one of my finest, but your efforts are for naught.
The Lich King yells: The frozen heart of Icecrown awaits...


  1. N [25-30] Eliminate the Competition
  2. N [25-30] The Bone Witch
  3. N [25-30] Deep in the Bowels of The Underhalls
  4. N [25-30] The Sum is Greater than the Parts
  5. N [25-30] The Art of Being a Water Terror
  6. N [25-30] Through the Eye
  7. N [25-30] Find the Ancient Hero
  8. N [25-30G5] Not-So-Honorable Combat
  9. N [25-30G5] Banshee's Revenge
  10. N [25-30] Battle at Valhalas
  11. N [25-30G5] Battle at Valhalas: Fallen Heroes
  12. N [25-30G5] Battle at Valhalas: Khit'rix the Dark Master
  13. N [25-30G5] Battle at Valhalas: The Return of Sigrid Iceborn
  14. N [25-30G5] Battle at Valhalas: Carnage!
  15. N [25-30G5] Battle at Valhalas: Thane Deathblow
  16. N [25-30G5] Battle at Valhalas: Final Challenge

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