In World of Warcraft, a bar usually refers to one of several things:

  1. A purer form of a metal produced after smelting raw ore with the Mining profession.
  2. A UI feature such as the Interface Bar made up of a horizontal arrangement of other UI elements such as buttons.
  3. A UI feature to indicate the current quantity status of some attribute like Energy, Health, Mana, or Rage.
  4. A drinking establishment.

Metal bars

Some types of metal bars needing only Apprentice skill level to smelt:

Some rarer types of metal bars needing Journeyman skill level to smelt:

Much rarer types of metal bars needing Expert skill level to smelt:

Very rare types of metal bars needing Artisan skill level to smelt:

Bc icon.gif Type of metal bars needing Master skill level to smelt:

Wrath of the Lich King type of metals need Grand Master skil

Other types of metal bars:

Interface bars