Barov Family Fortune

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NeutralBarov Family Fortune
Start Weldon Barov
End Weldon Barov
Level 43 (Requires 40)
Type Dungeon
Category Scholomance
Experience 10100
Rewards  [Barov Servant Caller]
2g 40s
For the old versions, see A [60D] Barov Family Fortune and H [60D] Barov Family Fortune.


Recover The Deed to Caer Darrow, The Deed to Brill, The Deed to Tarren Mill, and The Deed to Southshore.


Within Scholomance lays the Barov family fortune. Alexi and I are the last two Barovs in existence.

However, I am the only living Barov, so our family's vast empire belongs to me! Find me the deeds to Caer Darrow, Brill, Tarren Mill, and Southshore and I will repay you generously. The Barov estate will be reborn at long last!


You will receive: 2g 40s
Inv misc bell 01.png [Barov Servant Caller]


Bow your head in my presence, <race>. I am a noble, after all, and you are a copperless peasant.


Excellent work, <race>. Alexi deserves nothing for his foolishness.

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