A barrow den in Warcraft III.

A barrow den in World of Warcraft.

Barrow dens[1] are special places where night elf druids go to hibernate, and eventually make their pilgrimage to the Emerald Dream.

In the Warcraft III campaign "Eternity's End," both Malfurion Stormrage and the Druids of the Talon each resided in a barrow den. The Druids of the Claw resided in the Barrow Deeps, a massive cavern complex used for a similar purpose.

After the War of the Ancients, Illidan Stormrage at the behest of Malfurion was imprisoned in the Barrow Dens[2] vaults of the Barrow Deeps.[3] After the War Against the Nightmare, Fandral Staghelm was imprisoned in the Barrow Dens of Mount Hyjal.[4]


There are number of such locations located in and around night elf territories.