• Bash'ir Phasing Device
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • Use: Places the character, their group, and any pets, into a phased state where they will be invisible to unphased creatures and able to see the smuggled mana cells at Bash'ir Landing. All group members and pets stay within 100 yards of the caster to maintain the phased state. The phasing only works within Bash'ir Landing.
  • 1 Charge
  • "Here goes nothing...."

The Bash'ir Phasing Device is a quest item used on the quest N [70 Daily] Intercepting the Mana Cells. Players must kill ethereals until one of the phasing devices drops, then use it so they can see the [Smuggled Mana Cells] on the ground.

Once activated, any party members/pets within 100 yards gain the 'out of phase' property (as described under "use" in the tooltip). Such other people can exit and reenter at will.

You retain this buff at any altitude - you can climb to the flight ceiling and still be out of phase. However, leaving the area of Bash'ir Landing will strip you of the buff. (All party members out of phase due to your having used the device will likewise be stripped of the buff.)


The Bash'ir Phasing Device drops from all ethereals at Bash'ir Landing.

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