Bashal'Aran Collapse.

The Bashal'Aran Collapse is a subzone of Darkshore. It is at least in part the remains of Bashal'Aran. It is located under the Maw of the Void. Upon landing in a pool of water, the player finds Bielara Ivyshroud, a member of the Cenarion Circle, who will teleport the player back to the surface should you ask her. Behind her is a path spiraling up to the right containing two Forlorn Highborne, with Telarius Voidstrider, a demon hunter, located on a cliff at the end, performing some kind of ritual. Killing him yields the  [Writings of the Dark Herald], which begins a quest. Completing the quest awards you Alliance  [Ghosts in the Dark]. When you have the Writings return to Bielara Ivyshroud to leave.

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