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Bastion storyline

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Bastion zone map

The Bastion storyline comprises the seven level-up chapters of the Bastion campaign, first of the four zone storylines in the Shadowlands campaign, tracked in the achievement [The Path to Ascension].

The storyline itself is linear, but there are a number of optional side quests and chains in the zone as well.


Eternity's Call

Players land in Bastion and surprise Kleia with their arrival. After getting told to "follow the path" as if an aspirant, despite the news about the mawsworn kyrian, players save Pelagos, Kleia's soulbind, from a meditation gone wrong.

  1. N [50] Welcome to Eternity
  2. N [50] Pardon Our Dust
  3. N [50] A Fate Most Noble
  4. N [50] Trouble in Paradise
  5. N [50] Walk the Path, Aspirant
  6. N [50] The Things That Haunt Us and N [50] A Soulbind In Need
    • Optional side chain:
    1. N [50] The Old Ways
    2. N [50] A Gift for An Acolyte
    3. N [50] More Than A Gift

The Aspirant's Crucible

At the Aspirant's Crucible, players relived their deeds in life and trained alongside fellow aspirants. Helping with the anima drought and confronting their own burdens, players earn the favor of Kalisthene and their class Kyrian Covenant ability.

  1. N [50] The Aspirant's Crucible
  2. N [50] A Life of Service
  3. N [50] A Forge Gone Cold
  4. N [50] The Cycle of Anima: Etherwyrms, N [50] The Cycle of Anima: Flower Power, N [50] The Cycle of Anima: Drought Conditions
  5. N [50] Light the Forge, Forgelite
  6. N [50] The Work of One's Hands
  7. N [50] The True Crucible Awaits
  8. N [50] Assessing Your Strength, N [50] Assessing Your Stamina
  9. N [50] Assessing Your Spirit
  10. N [50] The Chamber of First Reflection
  11. N [50] The First Cleansing
  12. N [50] The Archon's Answer
  13. N [50] All An Aspirant Can Do

The Temple of Purity

At the Temple of Purity, some cracks in the armor start appearing. Numerous aspirants have fallen to self-doubt and anger, upset at the ongoing anima drought. The malcontents have formed a group, the Forsworn, that launched a surprise attack on the temple. Players fight off the leader of the attack, Lysonia alongside the Paragon of Purity and obtained a fragment of Lysonia's essence.

  1. N [50] The Temple of Purity
  2. N [50] A Temple in Need, N [50] On the Edge of a Revelation
  3. N [51] A Wayward Disciple?
  4. N [50] Step Back From That Ledge, My Friend
  5. N [50] A Once Sweet Sound, N [50] The Hand of Purification, N [50] Dangerous Discourse
  6. N [50] The Enemy You Know
  7. N [50] The Hand of Doubt
  8. N [50] Purity's Prerogative

Chasing a Memory

At the Memonic Locus, Mikanikos, the Forgelite Prime uses Lysonia's fragment to uncover a second Forsworn attack somewhere else in Bastion.

  1. N [51] Chasing a Memory
  2. N [50] Directions Not Included, N [50] The Prime's Directive
  3. N [50] The Mnemonic Locus
  4. N [50] What's In a Memory?
  5. N [50] Lysonia's Truth
  6. N [50] I MADE You!
  7. N [50] Mnemis, At Your Service
  8. N [50] The Vault of the Archon
  9. N [50] A Paragon's Reflection
  10. N [50] Leave it to Mnemis

By the Archon's Will

The urgency of the matter finally impressed upon Kalisthene, players are first granted a steward companion before summoning Polemarch Adrestes, herald of the Archon. Adrestes flies the player to Elysian Hold and finally meet Kyrestia the Firstborne, the Archon. She asks players to inspect the five wards protecting the temples, where they find Uther disabling the ward for the Temple of Courage.

  1. N [50] Go in Service
  2. N [50] Your Personal Assistant
  3. N [50] Steward at Work
  4. N [50] On Swift Wings
  5. N [50] Kyrestia, the Firstborne
  6. N [50] The Wards of Bastion

The Temple of Courage

Flying to the Temple of Courage, a necropolis enters the scene and lays down suppressing fire. Thanikos helps push the Maldraxxi forces back, but Amarth turns him undead. Xandria helps the player put him down, then flies after Amarth further into the Necrotic Wake.

  1. N [53] Imminent Danger
  2. N [52] Now or Never
  3. N [52] Rip and Tear, N [52] Stay Scrappy, N [52] Fight Another Day
  4. N [52] Double Tap, N [52] Clear as Crystal
  5. N [52] The Final Countdown
  6. N [52] A Time for Courage

Tidings of War

Heading back to Oribos, the attendants are alarmed and open the way to Maldraxxus to have the player discover why the Maldraxxi betrayed Bastion.

  1. N [52] Follow the Path
  2. N [52] The Arbiter's Will
  3. N [52] A Land of Strife

After opening the gateway, the Shadowlands campaign continues with the Maldraxxus storyline, starting with N [52] If You Want Peace....

Side quests

Main article: Sojourner of Bastion

Kyrian campaign

At level 60, should players choose the Kyrian Covenant, they will begin the [Kyrian Campaign].