This article is about the Bloodmyst Isle quest item. For other uses, see Battered Journal (Grizzly Hills), Battered Journal (Deadwind Pass), and  [Battered Journal].
  • Battered Journal
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • "The cover of this journal is well worn and its pages yellowed, but two sets of text are still visible within."

The Battered Journal is provided as an objective for A [1-30] Deciphering the Book. It is the Battered Ancient Book located during A [1-30] A Map to Where?


The journal contains a lot about the drunken exploits of a certain 'Andrew Clementine', but towards the end it describes a brutal battle:

'The enemy is nearly upon us. We've gathered up all the survivors and retreated to the temple to the east. It's the last ground we truly hold on the island, and there is a sense among the survivors that we will make our last stand here. I've taken care to bury my last few possessions on the grounds of the temple, with the hope that someone will find them and know what happened here.'

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