Battle-Mage Dathric

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MobBattle-Mage Dathric
Image of Battle-Mage Dathric
Gender Male
Race Human (Undead)
Level 25-30
Class Mage
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Kirin Tor, Sons of Lothar
Occupation Battle mage
Location Kirin'Var Village, Netherstorm
Status Deceased

Battle-Mage Dathric is one of the four spirits that you can put to rest in Kirin'Var Village. He was once a male human mage who defended the village from intruders.[1] He died when the village was destroyed by Kael'Thas forces. He can be found in the town hall.

His spirit is anchored to the world by his sword.[2] Putting his soul to rest will make the spirit neutral towards you.


  • Spell fire fireball02.png  Pyroblast — Inflicts Fire damage to an enemy, then additional damage every 3 sec. for 12 sec. 
  • Spell fire sealoffire.png  Torrent of Flames — Attacks nearby enemies in an explosion of fire. 


  • I don't know what I was thinking, going out without my sword. I would've put it on if I'd seen it here...


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