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The Shop, formerly known as the Blizzard Shop and Pet Store,[1] is an online store that sells many games, in-game items and other items related to Blizzard Entertainment or its game franchises. Most of the Warcraft in-game items can be purchased from the In-Game Store. It was originally part of the original Blizzard Store and at the time was a new way for players to obtain in-game pets to join them on their adventures in Azeroth. However, the reactions to this new feature by the European and American communities were mixed, with many players bemoaning the increasing number of pay-to-use features and expressing concern that real advantages in the game might become available for money at some point.[1][2]

As a result of the Americans getting the pets cheaper than the Europeans due to the conversion rate between dollars and euros ($10 per pet against €10 per pet), many Europeans took advantage of the fact that pets from the American pet shop could be purchased for European realms, which led to Blizzard making the pet stores regional.[3]

It is separate from the Blizzard Gear Store which sells physical items and apparel for its franchises. Following the release of version 1.9.1 of the desktop app, the shop received a significant update to appearance and design.[4] On November 15, 2018, the shop received a new "Wish List" feature.[5] On April 1, 2021, the Blizzard Shop was redesigned once again to use the new brand.

Warcraft III[]


World of Warcraft[]

Note: The following list does not include the discounts that may happen on the shop.



These exotic mounts are usually $25, with some exceptions like the Ability mount clockworkhorse [Warforged Nightmare] at $30 USD.


These adorable pets are usually $10 USD.


These unique toys are usually $10 USD.


These transmogs are typically $15-$20 USD.

Game Services[]


Occasionally, Blizzard will offer bundles of items above such as mounts and pets. This section is a history of all the bundles that have happened thus far.

Limited time


The following are no longer available on the store:

Game Services


Murloc Confused Travolta

A confused murloc.

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