Battle at the gates of Orgrimmar
Reckoning Gates of Orgrimmar.png
Location Orgrimmar, Razor Hill, Razorwind Canyon, Durotar

Alliance and Saurfang's rebels victory


Horde Saurfang's rebels & Alliance Alliance


Horde Banshee loyalists

Commanders and leaders

Horde Saurfang's rebels & Alliance Alliance


Horde Banshee loyalists

Previous Nazjatar Campaign

The battle at the Gates of Orgrimmar[1] was the culmination of the Fourth War. The battle was also a conclusion to Sylvanas Windrunner's actions during the War of the Thorns and the War Campaign, as the infamous Warchief prepared to make a final stand against her enemies and former allies.


Razor Hill


Preparing to scout and get intelligence.

Vendors moved outside the town.

Outside the Razor Hill entrance.

Alliance soldiers.

The burrow transformed into an infirmary.

The inn is full of Alliance soldiers, some of who are drunk and sleeping.

Squads of soldiers and a tank.

As Saurfang's and Anduin's forces rallied together to depose Warchief Windrunner, Anduin and Saurfang had a private meeting in Dustwallow Marsh. As their discussion progressed, gathered their forces to break the cycle and defend Azeroth, with "For Azeroth" as their rallying cry.[2]

Battle for Durotar

To protect Azeroth and depose of Sylvanas, the Horde revolutionaries and Alliance planned to strike at Orgrimmar and to that end set up camp in Razor Hill, with various leaders coming here as well, including Alleria and Vereesa. Sylvanas retaliated and collapsed the tunnel between Razor Hill and Orgrimmar on the vanguard of the rebel army, destroying many Azerite siege tanks and making many victims. As a response, Saurfang turned to Gazlowe and Tinkmaster Overspark to breach the canyon.[3] With his forces established within the Dranosh'ar Blockade, Saurfang turned to dealing with Sylvanas's spies and protecting their siege weapons.[4][5] Knowing that Orgrimmar's greatest weakness was its multiple entrances Saurfang's strategy relied on attacking all three entrances at once. To that end, he directed for Genn Greymane's forces to attack Orgrimmar from the Northern Barrens, Lor'themar Theron and Shandris Feathermoon to lead their forces to attack the city from Azshara, and he, Thrall, and Anduin would lead their forces to attack Orgrimmar from Durotar. He further ordered Mayla Highmountain to lead her people to protect Thunder Bluff in case of Sylvanas launching a counterattack.[6]


Approaching various soldiers triggers set dialogues.

Overlord's Guard (2) says: Second time for me. Fought beside the Alliance back then, too.
Overlord's Guard (1) says: Veteran traitor, huh?
Overlord's Guard (2) says: I've never betrayed the Horde. That's why I'm here.
  • Overlord's Guard (1) says: I remember when Saurfang used to stand guard in Orgrimmar. Now he's on the other side of the gates.
Overlord's Guard (2) says: And so are we.
Overlord's Guard (1) says: This must be how the Darkspear felt when Garrosh was warchief.
  • Overlord's Guard (1) says: Baine's not fighting beside us?
Overlord's Guard (2) says: I've heard he's recovering in Thunder Bluff.
Overlord's Guard (1) says: Even now? What did Sylvanas do to him...
Overlord's Guard (2) says: Perhaps it's best not to know.
  • Alliance Sailor says: I cannot say that I am eager to fight alongside the Horde. Not after Teldrassil.
7th Legion Rifleman says: That was the Banshee's doing. We all want her to answer for it.
Alliance Sailor says: And then what? Peace?
7th Legion Rifleman says: We can worry about that if we live.
  • Alliance Guard (1) says: Today, we will finally bring Sylvanas to justice. For Teldrassil. For King Varian.
Alliance Guard (2) says: The betrayal at the Broken Shore? You think she meant for him to die?
Alliance Guard (1) says: I was there, saw it with my own eyes. She wanted all of us to die.
  • Alliance Guard (1) says: So... are we taking orders from Saurfang, now?
Alliance Guard (2) says: Wouldn't be the first time. Did you serve in the War of the Shifting Sands?
Alliance Guard (1) says: No, I was too young back then.
Alliance Guard (2) says: Well, I did. And we won that war for a reason.
  • Alliance Guard (1) says: Do you think we can take Orgrimmar with an army this small?
Alliance Guard (2) says: We don't have much of a choice, do we?
  • Alliance Guard (1) says: How do we know this won't end up like Lordaeron?
Alliance Guard (2) says: We don't. I wouldn't put it past the Banshee to blight Orgrimmar.
Alliance Guard (1) says: But thousands would die...
Alliance Guard (2) says: Not her. And that's all she cares about.
  • Alliance Guard (1) says: I have a sister in the 7th Legion. Had. She was on one of the ships we lost in Nazjatar.
Alliance Guard (2) says: I'm sorry for your loss.
Alliance Guard (1) says: There's no time for grief. We might end up joining her soon enough.
7th Legion Priest says: I hope this will be enough.
7th Legion Priestess says: In my experience, there are never enough bandages for all of the wounded.

Situation in Orgrimmar

As Varok's and Anduin's forces finally assembled at the Dranosh'ar Blockade and sent their forces to capture the entrance from the Northern Barrens and Azshara, Sylvanas gathered her remaining loyalists and locked the city down. Overlord Geya'rah brought her Mag'har to the Valley of Strength to prepare for combat. Pathfinder's Den was also made unavailable, causing discontent among some adventurers gathered there as well.[7] The Cleft of Shadow was closed too. Jastor Gallywix had Overworked Underlings burn Piles of Misfiled Paperwork and Stacks of Totally Legal Paperwork at the Orgrimmar Embassy. The Gates of Orgrimmar were reinforced with a cadre of dark rangers. Streets of Orgrimmar were filled with various citizens discussing the events, with propaganda against Sylvanas being hung as well. The city was also additionally under effect of a no-fly zone, Aerial Sentries shooting down any lawbreaker.

At the Gates of Orgrimmar

Before the battle could commence, Saurfang, recognizing Sylvanas's loyalists as their brothers and sisters in the Horde and unwilling to spill more Horde blood, challenged Sylvanas to Mak'gora, in spite of Thrall voicing his suspicions that he would die. When Sylvanas questioned why she should accept his challenge, Saurfang merely pointed out that she wanted him to suffer, causing Sylvanas to wordlessly agree. While Sylvanas armed herself, Saurfang was granted Dra'gora by Thrall and Shalamayne by Anduin. Sylvanas initially had the upper hand against Saurfang, however, when she began to mock him about hope, Saurfang got his second wind by declaring that Sylvanas couldn't kill hope. As Saurfang turned the tide against Sylvanas he claimed that she failed to kill hope at Teldrassil, failed in getting the Horde and Alliance to keep killing each other, he further declared that the Horde would endure, that Horde was strong and was able to slash Sylvanas across her eye. This turn caused an enraged Sylvanas to declare that Horde was nothing, that they were all nothing. Sylvanas then killed Saurfang quickly with a blast of unknown magic, and abandoned the Horde altogether. Anduin, Zekhan, and Thrall, picked up Saurfang's body and headed to Orgrimmar.[8]


Saurfang's funeral

The funeral of Varok Saurfang.

With Varok's death and Sylvanas gone, the Horde entered Orgrimmar while the Forsaken and other loyalists surrendered. A portion of Orgrimmar's population, the Horde leaders, as well as King Anduin and his retinue attended Saurfang's funeral in front of Grommash Hold in the Valley of Strength. Both Thrall and Anduin had a speech about Varok. When the funeral was done, the Alliance teleported out of Orgrimmar. Horde leaders expressed their opinions on the situation.

Order in Orgrimmar

Various Forsaken re-pledged their allegiance to the Horde, along with the Bilgewater Cartel goblins and the Mag'har orcs led by Geya'rah who had sided with Sylvanas during the conflict. Those Horde members that maintained and expressed their loyalty were chained and transported by Horde Grunts away. Despite the pledge, several Forsaken secretly remained loyal to Sylvanas. Since Orgrimmar became leaderless, various Horde leaders maintained order in the streets of Orgrimmar and quelled any turmoil.

When a player approaches various leaders and citizens in Orgrimmar, special scripted events or unique gossip texts appear.

Auction house

Auctioneer Ralinza refuses to allow a Former Banshee Loyalist to use the Auction House in the Valley of Strength so Gazlowe steps in.

Auctioneer Ralinza says: Hey, I remember you! Always runnin' your mouth about how great Sylvanas was. Get outta my auction house!
Former Banshee Loyalist says: They told me all would be forgiven if I swore an oath to the Horde. I just want to sell my anchorweed!
Auctioneer Ralinza says: I don't care what you swore, you're outta here!
Gazlowe says: Yo! What's the problem?
Auctioneer Ralinza says: The Banshee's flunkie wants to use our auction house!
Gazlowe says: So let 'em! Sylvanas is gone, and we all gotta unite if we wanna survive.
Gazlowe says: If they say they're not with Sylvanas no more, then they're not. She conned a lot of folks into following her.
Auctioneer Ralinza says: Fine, fine! We're burning' daylight! What do ya wanna sell?
Former Banshee Loyalist says: Thank you. I'd like to sell these twenty anchorweed. Individually.
Auctioneer Ralinza says: You want to... okay. We're gonna have a little talk about auction house etiquette.


Rilgiz is distrustful against a Former Banshee Loyalist and refuses to grant them access to the Bank of Orgrimmar in the Valley of Strength. Baine Bloodhoof arrives to offer his wisdom.

Rilgiz says: You got two seconds to scram. We ain't holdin' nothing' for the mooks who stood with Sylvanas.
Former Banshee Loyalist says: I keep telling you, my loyalty is to the Horde. I didn't know she was using us, I wanted to believe in her!
Rilgiz says: Don't matter to me. Take your junk and get outta here. You ain't part of MY Horde!
Baine Bloodhoof says: What's happening here?
Rilgiz says: This Sylvanas-supporting scum is tryin' to use our bank. This here's for HORDE only!
Baine Bloodhoof says: I will not tolerate such talk! Many were led astray by Sylvanas's lies.
Baine Bloodhoof says: We must now come together as a united Horde. Those who seek forgiveness are forgiven.
Baine Bloodhoof says: They have sworn an oath of loyalty to the Horde. They should be allowed to use your services.
Rilgiz says: Fine, fine! I'll take whatever you wanna deposit. What is it?
Former Banshee Loyalist says: Thank you. I would like to deposit this eternal quintessence. I've been holding onto it for a while.
Rilgiz says: What?! I haven't seen one of these in years. Where'd you get it?
Former Banshee Loyalist says: Oh, that's quite a story. Where to begin...


The patrons of the Valley of Strength's The Broken Tusk, Zazo and Goma, also have a few words about the current situation as well as about Saurfang's death.

  • Zazo says: Saurfang... Vol'jin... Cairne... how many times must I watch the Horde's heroes die?
Goma says: Heroism's a deadly business. That's what makes them heroes.
  • Zazo says: What is to become of the Horde now? Do we even have a warchief?
Goma says: Sylvanas broke the rules of mak'gora, didn't she? Does that mean Saurfang...
Zazo says: Who is to say? Everything is in chaos these days.
  • Zazo says: I can't believe Saurfang is gone. He kept us safe for so many years...
Goma says: No one lives forever. Least of all a brave warrior like him.
Zazo says: To Saurfang.
Goma says: To Saurfang.

Orgrimmar Orphanage

Zekhan is in front of the Orgrimmar Orphanage telling stories about Saurfang to Horde Orphans.

Horde Orphan says: Tell us another story about Saurfang!
Horde Orphan says: Wasn't he the strongest orc ever? Nothing could stop him!
Horde Orphan says: I heard he was made of iron! Nobody could hurt him!
Zekhan says: Okay, okay! Calm down... I be tellin' ya sometin about Saurfang.
Zekhan says: Bein' tough an' strong not what makin' him a hero...
Zekhan says: ...even if he be da strongest!
Horde Orphan says: Hehe!
Zekhan says: Saurfang... he be fightin' da good fight, doin' what be right... even when it not be easy.
Zekhan says: And even when it mean admittin' he been wrong about someting.
Horde Orphan says: I'm never wrong about anything!
Zekhan says: Hah! I not be sure of dat. But dis be someting ya best remember about Saurfang....
Zekhan says: It never be too late ta stand up for what ya believe in. Sometimes da world don't be needin' a perfect hero.
Zekhan says: Sometimes we just be needin' an old soldier wit' a good heart.
Zekhan says: So, what ya tink about dat?
Horde Orphan says: Tell us a story about the monster skeleton demons!
Horde Orphan says: YEAH!
Horde Orphan says: YEAH!
Horde Orphan says: YEAH!
Zekhan says: Ah, ya kids...

Pathfinder's Den

First Arcanist Thalyssra patrols the Gates of Orgrimmar and enters the Pathfinder's Den when a Former Banshee Loyalist‎ attempts to use a portal, but Stoki Wonderwand stops them.

Stoki Wonderwand says: Where do ya think you're going, traitor? I know you were loyal to Sylvanas!
Former Banshee Loyalist‎ says: I've sworn an oath to the Horde. Do you think I'm proud that the Banshee Queen fooled me?
Stoki Wonderwand says: I don't care! You would've burned down everything if Sylvanas told you to. You shouldn't even be in Orgrimmar!
First Arcanist Thalyssra says: What is the meaning of this?
Stoki Wonderwand says: We got one of the Banshee's minions here. I say we throw 'em all in jail and sort 'em out later.
First Arcanist Thalyssra says: I have seen you before. You were one of many who renounced Sylvanas and swore loyalty to the Horde.
First Arcanist Thalyssra says: This individual is welcome in Orgrimmar. Do not bar their way.
Stoki Wonderwand says: Are you kiddin' me?! They woulda had us all in chains if Saurfang hadn't stepped up and done somethin' about it.
First Arcanist Thalyssra says: When Suramar was freed and Elisande defeated, there were many once loyal to her who had nowhere else to turn.
First Arcanist Thalyssra says: They sought forgiveness. And we gave it to them, to heal the rift that had been torn between us.
First Arcanist Thalyssra says: Sylvanas's hatred was a plague on the Horde. Let it die with her departure.
Stoki Wonderwand says: Hmph... fine. All right, you're free to go wherever you want.
Thalyssra goes for the Zuldazar portal.
Former Banshee Loyalist‎ says: That's my problem, I can't see where to go. I'm trying to get to the Broken Isles.
Stoki Wonderwand says: Oh yeah, you wanna go over to Azsuna.
Former Banshee Loyalist‎ says: But what if I want to go specifically to Dalaran? I remember there used be a portal for that...
Stoki Wonderwand says: That portal ain't here anymore.
Former Banshee Loyalist‎ says: That's so irritating!
Stoki Wonderwand says: You're preachin' to the choir!

Forsaken refugees

Forsaken Refugees in the Valley of Strength are saddened by Sylvanas's actions.

Forsaken Refugee (1) says: How could Sylvanas abandon us like this?
Forsaken Refugee (2) says: She's never been loyal to the Horde.
Forsaken Refugee (3) says: No, not the Horde. Us. The forsaken. We're her people.
Forsaken Refugee (1) says: Not anymore.

Some lament at Sylvaras while others still believe in her.

  • Forsaken Refugee (1) says: I placed my trust in Sylvanas. I remained loyal through and through.
Forsaken Refugee (2) says: Many of us did the same. She took advantage of that. Used us.
Forsaken Refugee (3) says: She gave us hope. She gave us purpose. She gave us freedom.
Forsaken Refugee (3) says: And then she tried to take it away.
  • Forsaken Refugee (1) says: I can't keep living like this. Forever on the brink of war. I thought Sylvanas would bring us peace.
Forsaken Refugee (2) says: How, by killing everyone else?
Forsaken Refugee (1) says: By killing our enemies. That's how you end a war.
Forsaken Refugee (2) says: That's also how you start one.
  • Forsaken Refugee (1) says: I still trust the Dark Lady. This is all a ruse.
Forsaken Refugee (2) says: Oh, wake up! She betrayed us all. We're nothing to her.
Forsaken Refugee (1) says: No, this is part of her plan! It has to be...

Forsaken refugees and Orgrimmar Grunts

There are questions to be answered between Forsaken refugees and Orgrimmar Grunts.

Orgrimmar Grunt says: You must be saddened to see Sylvanas leave.
Forsaken Refugee says: Why? Because I'm Forsaken? Did you shed tears for Garrosh because you're an orc?
Orgrimmar Grunt says: No... I shed tears because he brought shame to us all.

Orgrimmar Grunts

A pair of grunts is lamenting their choice of allegiance that caused a rift in the family. They also discuss the Alliance in Durotar.

  • Orgrimmar Grunt (1) says: My son was on the other side of those gates. Left home to join Saurfang.
Orgrimmar Grunt (2) says: You must be glad to be back together.
Orgrimmar Grunt (1) says: I sided with the warchief. He didn't. I doubt we'll be together for some time.
  • Orgrimmar Grunt (1) says: Heard the Alliance is pulling back from Durotar.
Orgrimmar Grunt (2) says: So they're good to their word, then? They won't launch an attack against us?
Orgrimmar Grunt (1) says: For now. Give it time. They'll be calling for our blood again before long.

A shaman's story

The shaman Terga Earthbreaker also tells a story about Saurfang to the gathered crowd

Terga Earthbreaker says: ...and then Saurfang raised his axe, daring the Alliance cowards to charge at him.
Terga Earthbreaker says: When they did, he struck with the force of a thunderstorm. He cleaved through all of them in a single blow!
Terga Earthbreaker says: Lok-tar!
Sagorne Creststrider says: Incredible!
Orgrimmar Brave says: That can't possibly be true.
Highmountain Pathfinder says: Saurfang was the greatest!

Gallywix's evidence

Bilgewater goblins in the Orgrimmar Embassy have something to say about their boss.

Revi Ramrod says: You hear about Gallywix? He was burnin' mountains of paperwork while Saurfang was at the gates.
Kall Worthaton says: Of course he was. Can't pin anything on him that way.
Revi Ramrod says: You know... if we could find something he didn't want found...
Kall Worthaton says: Don't be stupid. No way he'd leave any loose ends lyin' around.


A former Banshee loyalist in the Skyway is worried about their fate.

Former Banshee Loyalist says: Do you think they'll imprison me? Because I was loyal to the Dark Lady?
Orgrimmar Grunt says: If they did, they would be no different from her.
Former Banshee Loyalist says: That doesn't mean they won't.

Lady Liadrin

Lady Liadrin comes out of Silvermoon's portal in Pathfinder's Den and asks the Silvermoon Magistrix about Orgrimmar's situation, before she begins her patrol with the Blood Knights.

Silvermoon Magistrix says: Lady Liadrin!
Lady Liadrin says: Greetings. Anything unusual activity to report?
Silvermoon Magistrix says: None so far. Neither from anyone who still serves Sylvanas, nor from any corrupted by N'Zoth.
Lady Liadrin says: Good. I will begin the patrol.
Lady Liadrin says: Blood Knights, form ranks! We are to maintain order here in Orgrimmar.
Lady Liadrin says: With Saurfang dead and Sylvanas... absent, Orgrimmar is without a warchief.
Lady Liadrin says: Meanwhile, the threat of N'Zoth looms over us all. We mustn't allow Orgrimmar to descend into chaos.
Lady Liadrin says: Remain vigilant for any signs of N'Zoth's influence... along with any who cling to Sylvanas's twisted ideals.
Lady Liadrin says: Some who sided with the Banshee Queen have seen the error of their ways. They are to be left alone.
Lady Liadrin says: I care not if you fought against them. We must forgive and unite if we are to remain strong in the face of peril.

Thrall and Geya'rah

Thrall can be found on the bridge between the Drag and the Valley of Strength. Occasionally (approximately every 30-45 minutes), Geya'rah starts her patrol with Mag'har Grunts near the western zeppelin tower and continues to the bridge with Thrall, passing by him.

Thrall's gossip
Much has changed for the Horde while I was away. But I will do my part to ensure its survival.
Geya'rah's dialogue
Overlord Geya'rah says: Keep an eye out for any who still obey Sylvanas!
Overlord Geya'rah says: And remember the lesson to be learned from her.
Overlord Geya'rah says: She was a strong warchief. She did whatever it took to achieve victory.
Overlord Geya'rah says: But she fought only for herself, not for the Horde!
Overlord Geya'rah says: We were nothing to her! She abandoned her own people!
Overlord Geya'rah says: A great leader must have more than strength.
Overlord Geya'rah says: They must be true to their people. They must live and die for them!
Overlord Geya'rah says: Do not forget this. We will not repeat Sylvanas's mistakes!
Geya'rah and Thrall
Overlord Geya'rah says: Go'el.
Thrall says: Geya'rah.


Eitrigg was one of the main characters in the final chapter of the Horde War Campaign and depending on which side the adventurer chose, Eitrigg says one of the following as a result of the actions done during the final chapter.

<Name>, we must speak.
The choice you made in the Hall of the Brave... I don't hold it against you. We each did what we thought was right.
Leave it in the past. What matters now is how we reunite the Horde. This is how we start.
Honor, champion. It saved the lives of thousands today. And it has saved my life more than once.
Saurfang and I were both from the Blackrock clan. Blackhand chose us to lead his armies. We committed terrible acts under his command.
I couldn't live with the shame. I went into hiding after the Second War was over. But not Saurfang. He helped other orcs move past their guilt and strive for lost honor.
He was a fearsome warrior. But that isn't what made him a hero. He gave us hope when we needed it most. Back then, and now. That will always be his greatest deed.


I been overseein' da defanse of Orgrimmar for a while now, but I always had Saurfang ta guide me, Now, I gonna be on my own.
Thought I had more time ta learn from him. We always be tinkin' dat, dont we? I got me some big shoes ta fill.
But I be trustin' in everything he taught me. I gonna guard dese gates wit' me life. I gonna make Saurfang proud.

Echoes on Kul Tiras


Alliance leaders
Speaking with Genn Greymane
This isn't over. Sylvanas has escaped and the Horde is united.
It's only a matter of time until they turn on us yet again.
Gossip Stay a while and listen.
Genn Greymane says: Anduin considers this a victory. But the Horde is united once again, and Sylvanas is still out there.
Master Mathias Shaw says: So is Nathanos. My agents are scouring the Eastern Kingdoms for them as we speak.
Genn Greymane says: And what do we do about the Horde?
Master Mathias Shaw says: We wait. We watch. We listen. And we let King Wrynn know if and when it is time for action.
Kul Tirans and the 7th Legion

With the war ended, festivities reached Boralus. 7th Legion Marine and Proudmoore Guards in Snug Harbor Inn celebrate the occasion.

7th Legion Marine says: Another round! *hic* I can finally go home and see my family!
Proudmoore Guard says: Ah, an' here i thought you Stormwind folk were too uptight to enjoy a stiff drink!
7th Legion Marine says: It's time for a celebration. The Banshee Queen's reign is over, and the war is soon to follow.
Proudmoore Guard says: Hear, hear! To home and family!

Some are more serious and discuss the future.[76, 15]

7th Legion Marine (1) says: Just received new orders. We're to begin scaling back on our war efforts.
7th Legion Marine (2) says: For now. How long before we ramp them up again? You know we will eventually.
7th Legion Marine (1) says: Undoubtedly. But for now, let's give our soldiers some much deserved leave.
7th Legion Marine (2) says: They'll need it. These ceasefires with the Horde... they never last.

A Tradewinds Dockworker and a Boralus Citizen at Tradewinds Market fear the seas.[77, 21]

Tradewinds Dockworker says: Fewer and fewer ships heading out to sea as of late. It's not safe out on the tides.
Boralus Citizen says: I've heard much the same. Strange tales, whispers over the water, shadows in the depths.
Tradewinds Dockworker says: Ill omens all around. There's a storm coming, mark my words.

Similarly, Night Elf Sentinels are also glad that the war has ended.[70, 37]

Night Elf Sentinel (1) says: My brothers and sisters still seek vengeance for Teldrassil. But I... I am so tired of war.
Night Elf Sentinel (2) says: To be honest, so am I. Rage still burns within my heart, but I long to live my life without it.
Night Elf Sentinel (1) says: I hope that one day, we can.

However, other Sentinels[71, 24] are not so keen on forgiving.

Night Elf Sentinel (1) says: We nearly had her. If I were just a few hundred yards closer, I could have taken a shot at the Banshee.
Night Elf Sentinel (2) says: Have patience, her time will come. We will have justice for Teldrassil in the end.
Night Elf Sentinel (1) says: But when? How long must we wait?
Night Elf Sentinel (2) says: For as long as it takes.

The Sentinels are also concerned for Tyrande Whisperwind and the hunt for Sylvanas.

  • Night Elf Sentinel (1) says: I fear for Tyrande. The Night Warrior is fierce, but... can a mortal control such power indefinitely?
Night Elf Sentinel (2) says: She is the High Priestess of Elune. If anyone can wield the goddess's strength, it is her.
Night Elf Sentinel (1) says: Perhaps you are right...
  • Night Elf Sentinel (1) says: All this talk of the war winding down... Sylvanas is still out there. Have they all forgotten what she did?
Night Elf Sentinel (2) says: Not Tyrande. She is still out there, too. Hunting Sylvanas and Nathanos like the dogs they are.
Night Elf Sentinel (1) says: May the might of the Night Warrior lay waste to those walking corpses.

Echoes in Stormwind City

Stormwindians remain somewhat skeptical towards the ending of the war as well as Anduin.

Wizard's Sanctum

Alliance mages in the Wizard's Sanctum in the Mage Quarter discuss Anduin and Saurfang.

Honor Hold Mage says: My cousin just came back from Durotar. Said that Saurfang challenged Sylvanas to single combat.
Vanguard Battlemage says: How he ever escaped from the Stockades is beyond me. The guards keep that place under close watch.
Kirin Tor Emissary says: I heard a rumor that King Anduin himself released Saurfang from his cell.
Sparkbright says: That's just hearsay. It can't possibly be true.

Dwarven District

Two dwarven blacksmiths in the Dwarven District discuss Anduin.

Therum Deepforge says: King Anduin's too soft. Answerin' the summons of an orc. Grievin' at a Horde funeral.
Kaita Deepforge says: Careful. That kind o' talk borders on treasonous.
Therum Deepforge says: And what'll he do about it? Clap me in irons? He'd never.
Kaita Deepforge says: He wouldn't. Because he's a good king.

Stormwind guards in the Trade District

Stormwind City Guards in the Trade District discuss the remaining Horde.

Stormwind City Guard (1) says: Is the war ending? Our soldiers are coming home... but the Horde still stands.
Stormwind City Guard (2) says: The Banshee Queen has fled. What reason is there to continue fighting?
Stormwind City Guard (1) says: You think the rest of the Horde is blameless? They're just as guilty as she is. I say we fight until the end.

Two guards outside the Trader's Hall discuss the state of Capital City in Lordaeron.

Stormwind City Guard (1) says: I used to live in Lordaeron, you know. Before the Third War. Always hoped to go back someday.
Stormwind City Guard (2) says: But not anymore?
Stormwind City Guard (1) says: No. Not after The Banshee Queen blighted what was left of the city. That dream is dead now.


Darnassian Refugees in the Canals are still lamenting.[56, 76]

  • Darnassian Refugee (1) says: A human friend of mine offered their home as a place for me to stay.
Darnassian Refugee (2) says: That is generous of them. You are fortunate to have such a caring friend.
Darnassian Refugee (1) says: I do not think I can accept. It would not be fair to the other refugees. To all of you.
Darnassian Refugee (2) says: Nonsense. There is no shame or guilt in accepting aid when it is offered.
  • Darnassian Refugee (1) says: Sometimes, I can still smell the smoke. I can feel the heat of the flames on my skin.
Darnassian Refugee (2) says: It still feels like a nightmare to me. That I might one day wake in my bed in Darnassus.
Darnassian Refugee (1) says: I cannot bear the thought that Sylvanas remains free. After what she did to us...
Darnassian Refugee (2) says: Trust in the Night Warrior. She will see justice done... even if the Alliance does not.

Removed from PTR

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the PTR stages of patch 8.2.5.


Saurfang was a legendary warrior, but he started out just like you. With only an axe and the drive to grow stronger.
Follow his example. Train hard. Never give up. Accept nothing but victory or death.
Old God whispers
Are you feeling well?
I... don't know. I keep hearing things... voices... whispers...
Strange... so do I. Perhaps... it's best we not tell anyone.
Farstriders and headhunters
Ya be far from home, blood elf. Go hunt for Nathanos in da Eastern Kingdoms. Kalimdor be headhunter territory.
Nathanos was once one of our own. It is the Farstriders' responsibility to see him brought to justice.
Suit yaself. But remember, he be knowin' ya ways ta track him. He not be hidin' from us so easily.
Discussing Nathanos
Nathanos is missing. Fled with his queen and hasn't been seen since.
Is that any surprise? He had even less love for us than she did.
They must be true to their people. They must live and die for them!
I doubt it. Neither of them is capable of love.


Alliance Leadership

Anduin Wrynn: I set Saurfang on the path that led to his sacrifice. His actions may have been his own, but it would be a lie to say I played no part in all of this. Saurfang was wielding my father's sword when he fell to Sylvanas. He was an honorable orc. A foe worthy of respect. An example I hope the rest of the Horde will follow. I do not know if I have always made the right decisions in this war. I only know that I did what I thought was right for the Alliance.

Alleria Windrunner: This war has exacted such a deadly toll, for both the Alliance and the Horde. So many soldiers lie dead at our feet, so much blood stains our hands. And now, N'Zoth is poised to capitalize on all of it. To destroy or corrupt everything we hold dear.

We cannot continue to bleed each other dry while the Old God watches from the shadows. No matter what animosity lingers between us, we must face him with a united front. I only hope the Horde comes to the same conclusion.

Jaina Proudmoore: I don't make a habit of fighting alongside the Horde. But I must admit, when we were rescuing Baine... Saurfang was a good asset to have in play. My agents have their work cut out for them. Sylvanas and Nathanos are not easy quarries to track. And we have no guarantees that they're even in the Eastern Kingdoms. But rest assured, we will find them. And when we do, we will make them pay for all they've done.

Shandris Feathermoon: I thought that we would at last have justice for Teldrassil. That Sylvanas would be made to answer for her heinous crimes. Our people demand as much. There is nothing I desire more than to hunt the Banshee Queen to the ends of Azeroth.

But... for me to do so would be a disservice to the kaldorei. The spirits of our loved ones cry out for retribution... but those who yet live need guidance and stability. I do not know if I can provide it for them. But I can try.

Unknown NPCs
Unknown Kul Tiran (1): I hear the winds of war are beginning to die down.
Unknown Kul Tiran (2): They never should have filled our sails to begin with. It's the Alliance's war, not ours.
Unknown Kul Tiran (1): We're part of the Alliance again, you know.
Unknown Kul Tiran (2): Aye, and all this fighting reminds me why we left it in the first place.
Unknown Member of House Stormsong: Word is that the Horde lost its warchief and one of its greatest heroes in a single battle.
Unknown Kul Tiran: Serves 'em right for what they did to Brennadam. Those people never raised a hand against the Horde.
Unknown Member of House Stormsong: My brother would've been among them, if his cart hadn't been stopped at the entrance to the valley.
Unknown Kul Tiran: Thank the tides. I suppose House Stormsong did some good, after all.","Thank the tides. I suppose House Stormsong did some good, after all.
Unknown NPC: We were so close! I could smell her putrid blood on the wind! We should strike now, and slaughter all who sided with her!


In Orgrimmar

Post-mak'gora additions

In Durotar


Horde Present Razor Hill civilians


In Thunder Bluff

Presumably cut content: Honorbound Siege Tank.


  • Stack of Supplies
  • Wagon (Durotar)
  • Engineering Spare Parts
  • Engineering Tools
  • Weapons Crate


  • The Orgrimmar Embassy is named Default.
  • Azshara (the are near the gate to Orgrimmar) is displayed as a subzone of Durotar.
  • A majority of the unique dialogues and NPCs present after the completion of the War Campaign was removed in patch 9.0.1.