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For lore on the invasion, see invasion of Gilneas.
MobBattle for Gilneas
Level: 10-70
Battle for Gilneas City loading screen
Races WorgenWorgen Worgen
HumanHuman Human
ForsakenForsaken Forsaken
Major settlements Alliance Gilnean Stronghold
Horde Horde Landing
Location Northwestern Gilneas
PvP status Combat zone
Battle for Gilneas
Location Gilnean Coast
Result Unknown, ongoing

Alliance Alliance


Horde Horde

Previous Conflict on the Isle of Conquest
Next Conflict in the Twin Peaks
Regardless of the victor, monsters will rule over the ruins.[1]

Battle for Gilneas is a 10 vs 10 resource race battleground set in the Ruins of Gilneas, for players level 85 and above.

The Battle for Gilneas takes place on the northwestern coast of the Gilnean peninsula. Following the events of Silverpine Forest, Alliance Forces must fight to control and repel Horde invaders from the rebuilding and war tattered nation of Gilneas, while the Horde invades by ship, with the goal to crush the Alliance in the area, and regain a foothold in Gilneas, all former Forsaken footholds in Gilneas having been destroyed.

Official overview[]

Isolationism has long shaped the nation of Gilneas, affecting its people inside and out. The enormous Greymane Wall once protected them from a plague of undeath; now that the wall has fallen, the citizens who huddled behind it are forced to confront that particular fear. The rotting Forsaken seethe to spread their contagion throughout the whole region of Lordaeron, claiming it as their own - and they see opportunity in Gilneas' rubble.
Fortunately for the people of Gilneas, their own particular curse transformed them into bestial wolf-human hybrids.
Now, the Horde will support their undead allies' attempt to seize resources from a damaged nation, while the Alliance comes to the aid of a tainted people seeking new lives. Regardless of the victor, monsters will rule over the ruins.[1]


When King Greymane severed ties with the Alliance after the Second War, the kingdom of Gilneas became independent from all other nations and opposing forces. Although the massive Greymane Wall protected Gilneas from outside threats, a virulent worgen curse and civil war crippled the kingdom from within. As the Cataclysm strikes and the Greymane Wall's gates are destroyed, the people of Gilneas must come to terms with their dark curse and learn to persevere through catastrophic earthquakes and an unrelenting Forsaken invasion. The Horde recognizes this land as a strategic location with key resources to fuel the faction's war effort against the Alliance, and Horde forces will not stop their siege until the city and its surrounding territories are under their control. To protect its lands from the Horde, the once-isolated nation of Gilneas must now work with the Alliance.[2]

As the Greymane wall collapses, the inevitable conflict between the Forsaken and Worgen reaches a new climax. The Battle for Gilneas is a 10 vs 10 domination battleground, where each side attempts to control the Mine, Lighthouse, and Waterworks for as long as possible.


Maps and subregions[]

VZ-Battle for Gilneas

Map of the Battle for Gilneas.

Gilnean Coast


Battle for Gilneas - ss88

An aerial view of the battleground.

Battle for Gilneas - locations

The bases and graveyards of the Battle for Gilneas.

Controlling resources[]

The Battle for Gilneas is a 10 vs. 10 Battleground for level-85 players. Much like they do in Arathi Basin, teams must control strategic capture points on the map to accumulate resources. The first team to gather 2000 resources wins.

The battle[]

Teams will start at opposite ends of the map with default graveyards nearby. Once the match begins, teams will race toward each other to vie for control of three strategic points; each point will allow your team to gain resources and additional graveyards. Adding to the intensity of the battle are many obstacles that block line of sight, as well as chokepoints for fending off enemy advances.

The Overlook[]

In the center of the map is an area known as the Overlook. Hills on either side of the map create chokepoints, while narrow paths through the hills provide teams with alternate routes. A river dividing the map will also lead opponents toward a single bridge. In some cases, dominating the Overlook might be the key to controlling the capture points.

Capture points[]

In the Battle for Gilneas, three distinct resource points are available for the taking by either the Horde or the Alliance: the Mines, the Lighthouse, and the Waterworks. Once any of these points is held by a team, access to nearby graveyards will be granted. In addition, workers from the controlling faction will show up to collect the resources necessary to win the battle.

Chaos will be unleashed upon Azeroth when Deathwing returns, but many steadfast leaders will see the Cataclysm as an opportunity to further the cause of their people... or simply attain more power. The situation in Gilneas is no different. Will the embattled Gilneans be able to defend their land after realigning with the Alliance? Or will the Forsaken, reinforced by Garrosh's Horde, seize this near-forgotten territory as a new stronghold in the Eastern Kingdoms?


Note: This list is up to date as of Patch 10.1.7


  • The original design of the battleground was intended to be set in Gilneas City and revolve around attempting to conquer the highest number of districts, but after internal playtesting it was deemed "unsalvageable" and was completely reworked in a fashion similar to Arathi Basin.[3]
    • The description of the original version of the battleground was as such: Located in the heart of Gilnean peninsula, the capital city is of vital strategic importance to the Horde's operations the Eastern Kingdoms. Long seen by the Forsaken as a natural expansion to their dominion, Sylvanas Windrunner's armies are ready to defend their most recent conquest at all costs. Driven from their homelands by the Forsaken, Gilneans continue to view this city as their nation's rightful capital. After regrouping in Alliance territories, the people of Gilneas have rallied around King Greymane's call to arms and are ready to retake Gilneas City with the support of their new allies.[4]
  • Given the angle of the wall, and the coastline, the Battle for Gilneas would realistically take place in the Northern Headlands' coast.
  • While it is possible to just be a coincidence, there seems to be a nod to each town from the Gilneas zone in the Battle for Gilneas.
  • Though there are no actual reputation factions for this battleground, the forces in question could be composed of the Gilneas Liberation Front (with the Bloodfang Pack who remained in the contested area)[5] and the Forsaken.
  • A tabard labeled as a Forsaken tabard was added to the game files in Cataclysm and is worn by Gilnean Envoys (the Horde recruiter NPCs for the Battle for Gilneas), suggesting it would've been associated with the battleground. However, the model is inaccessible to players and is only used by Forsaken NPCs. Strangely, the tabard depicts the symbol of the Scourge rather than the Forsaken.



Patch changes[]

  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.2.0 (2015-06-23): Capturing a point in the following Battlegrounds now takes 6 seconds (down from 7 seconds).
    • Arathi Basin
    • The Battle for Gilneas
    • Deepwind Gorge
    • Rated Eye of the Storm
  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2015-01-08): Capturing a point in Arathi Basin, The Battle for Gilneas City, and the Rated Battlegrounds version for Eye of the Storm should now take 7 seconds (down from 8 seconds). This change restores time to capture a point back to what it was for these Battlegrounds in pre-6.0.2.
  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2014-11-03): Increased Honor gains for Arathi Basin, Deepwind Gorge, Eye of the Storm, and The Battle for Gilneas. Honor is now awarded for every 150 resources gathered (up from Honor being awarded for every 250 resources gathered).
  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2014-03-11): Bonus Achievement legionpvptier4 [Honor] is now awarded to the team for every 130 resources gained (down from 260) or every 100 resources gained when it’s featured on Call to Arms (down from 200).
  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-01-08): Players will no longer sometimes become stuck in the Battle for Gilneas.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12): Added.


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