Battle for Hibernal Hollow

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NeutralBattle for Hibernal Hollow
Start Droman Aliothe [59.9, 53.2]
End Droman Aliothe [59.9, 53.2]
Level 58 (Requires 58)
Category Ardenweald
Experience 10,250
Rewards 75g 81s 60c
Previous N [58] Enemies at the Gates
Next N [58] Dying Dreams


Win the Battle for Hibernal Hollow.


This is where we make our stand. The Drust and their minions have us nearly overrun.

But we will not let them destroy Hibernal Hollow. Nor will they take our anima or our wildseeds.

Fight with us. Let us drive them out.


You will receive:

  • 75g 81s 60c
  • 10,250 XP


We have won the battle...

...But I fear we may have lost Ysera.


Attackers include Blighted Invaders, Witherscorn Annihilators, and Witherscorn Rotmages.

Run over the runes by each entrance - they each provide a different 10-minute buff:

  • Hunter's Efficiency — Empowered by Korayn, increasing damage done by 30%. 
Hunt-Captain Korayn says: Aim true and strike down our prey!
  • Energized Spirit — Rejuvenated by Dreamweaver, periodically healing by 10%. 
Dreamweaver says: I'll heal your wounds! Keep fighting!
  • Swift of Hoof — Quickened by Niya, increassing haste by 25% and movement speed by 50%. 
Niya says: Move swift as the wind!

Once the quota of enemies has been killed, Aliothe calls out:

Droman Aliothe says: A great danger looms. Come to me, and together we will face it.

Speak with Aliothe:

We shall not let his grove fall!
The Queen entrusted me with the safety of Hibernal Hollow and all the spirits within. We cannot fail.
Gossip I am ready to stand with you!

A cutscene plays: Drust invade the hollow!

Gorak Zhar says: Their anima will feed our victory.
Gorak Zhar says: Leave their husks to rot!

Help defeat Fulyar the Destroyer and Lorkron the Hunter. Once they fall, another cutscene plays:

Dreamweaver says: Aliothe, look!
Dreamweaver says: Oh no...
Dreamweaver says: The wildseed... I no longer sense its dreams.
Lady Moonberry says: Unless we save her soon, she will be lost forever!

On complete, a few Spirit Tenders move Yesera's wildseed to a carrier:

Dreamweaver says: Be gentle! She's almost gone...


  1. N [58] The Forest Has Eyes and N [58] The Droman's Call
  2. N [58] Missing!
  3. N [58] Enemies at the Gates
  4. N [58] Battle for Hibernal Hollow
  5. N [58] Dying Dreams
  6. N [58] Awaken the Dreamer
  7. N [58] The Court of Winter
  8. N [58] The Queen's Request

Beta version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.

During the beta, players were granted a bonus ability:

Charge 8-25 yd range — Transform into a bear and lunge towards your target, stunning it for 3 seconds. Instant. Does no damage. (12 sec cooldown)

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