Battle for Lordaeron Diorama

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For the battle itself, see Battle for Lordaeron.
Battle for Lordaeron Diorama
Diorama Layout Grid

The Battle for Lordaeron Diorama is the largest video game diorama ever built, making it into the Guinness World Records book. The people of Blizzard randomly selected 10,000 heroes from the over 30,000 attendees of BlizzCon 2017 and placed them on a handcrafted 1,300 square foot board with the city of Lordaeron as the focal point.


  • Over 1,300 square feet.
  • Over 10,000 small figurines of actual players' character models. (~ 5,000 Horde/5,000 Alliance)
    • Each figure is unique, representing the armor set, race, and class of the actual in-game character.



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