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Battle for Quel'Danas
Chronicle3 Kil'jaeden
Location Isle of Quel'Danas

Decisive Burning Legion defeat


Shattered Sun Offensive


Burning Legion

Commanders and leaders

Shattered Sun Offensive


Burning Legion

Casualties and losses

Shattered Sun Offensive

  • Heavy

Burning Legion

  • Heavy

“But...all is not lost. The Sunwell's essence endured, kept hidden by those who sought to protect it. Now, I have returned with the knowledge that sacrifices must be made before we can reclaim our birthright. I have forged a new alliance. Soon, the blessed rays of the Sunwell will shine once again, and usher into this world the one...who will deliver us all.”

Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider[1]

The battle for Quel'Danas was a major conflict that took place between the unified Shattered Sun Offensive and the demonic Burning Legion and its allies, over control of the Isle of Quel'Danas in the Eastern Kingdoms. The battle took place as part of the larger invasion of Outland and saw the Burning Legion attempt to secure control of the blood elven Sunwell in order to usher forth the demon lord Kil'jaeden into Azeroth.

The Shattered Sun Offensive was formed in response to the demonic threat, and consisted of a coalition between the Aldor and Scryers of Shattrath City, supplemented by elements from the Horde and Alliance. The battle saw the mortal coalition gradually gain ground against the Burning Legion, who were greatly aided by the forces of the fallen Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider. As further bases were established on the isle proper, the Shattered Sun forces began to target the nearby Magisters' Terrace and even the Sunwell Plateau itself, where the minions of Kil'jaeden worked furiously to summon their master through the power of the Sunwell.

The conclusion of the campaign eventually saw the failure of the Legion's plans for invasion. In addition, Kil'jaeden's defeat was quickly followed by a monumental event when the once-corrupted naaru M'uru allowed its own heart to be used to reignite the Sunwell. With this sacrifice, the ancient font of power was restored to its full glory, signaling a new future for the blood elf race and a victory for all followers of the Light.

The battle for Quel'Danas served as the final conflict of the invasion of Outland, cementing it as a decisive victory for the mortal races of Azeroth. The Burning Legion would never again return to Azeroth in such force until the advent of their third invasion, years later.


The fallen prince[]


Kael'thas Sunstrider, fallen prince of Quel'Thalas

The defeat of Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider at Tempest Keep in the Netherstorm subsequently marked an important blow against the plans of the demonic Burning Legion, with whom Kael'thas had made an alliance with before his demise. The demon lord Kil'jaeden, however, soon intervened. The Deceiver dispatched a trusted shivarra minion known as Priestess Delrissa to Netherstorm, where she successfully revived the defeated blood elf prince.[2] Filled with a new determination, Kael'thas returned to the Isle of Quel'Danas through a portal at the Throne of Kil'jaeden[3] with the objective of reinvigorating the Sunwell; not for the sake of his people, but instead as a means to summon his demonic master, Kil'jaeden, to Azeroth.

Kael'thas now went to work with the aid of his demon allies, as well as a force of loyal blood elf troops. The prince eventually succeeded in kidnapping the Anveena Teague, the mortal embodiment of the Sunwell's energies, who was being kept in Quel'Thalas for protection. In addition to this, Kael'thas also personally led an attack on Silvermoon City itself with felblood elves, with the goal of seizing the naaru M'uru. Kael'thas's outright assault on his old homeland, coupled with his seizure of M'uru, proved too much for many blood elves. Lady Liadrin, the matriarch of the Blood Knights, having witnessed this event herself, was outraged. She immediately renounced all her allegiance to the House of Sunstrider, traveling to Shattrath City in Outland to warn the Sha'tar of Kael'thas's plot and offer her aid in defeating the prince.[4]

When news of these events reached those in Shattrath, the city's two principal factions—the Aldor and Scryers—chose to put aside their differences and unite together to form the Shattered Sun Offensive. The principal aim of the new faction became the defeat of Prince Kael'thas and ending the threat posed by the Burning Legion.[5]

The offensive begins[]

Main article: Battle for Sun's Reach
Sun's Reach 04

Sun's Reach village

ShatteredSunStandard (PNG)

The newly-formed Shattered Sun Offensive quickly mobilized its members, landing a large force via boat onto the Isle of Quel'Danas. This force established a staging area on the island, and immediately went about engaging the Burning Legion. The demons had already entrenched themselves at several key parts of the isle, and the Shattered Sun forces began to work tirelessly to reclaim sections of the area from the Legion. In particular, the offensive's efforts were focused in and around the large village of Sun's Reach, which could act as a springboard for further assaults on other parts of Quel'Danas.

Sun's Reach Sanctum's occupation was a key objective of the Shattered Sun Offensive, who launched operations to capture the building. Though lacking the numbers to outright seize the sanctum, the Shattered Sun made use of the malfunctioning arcane sentries located in the vicinity.[6] Having fashioned new crystal cores for the golems, they were thus brought under Shattered Sun control and used against foes at the sanctum. Additionally, the dormant wards guarding the sanctum were reactivated when their power source was reclaimed from the nearby wretched.[7] Eventually, Sun's Reach Sanctum was secured by the Shattered Sun, granting the offensive new access to reinforcements directly from Shattrath City through portals.[8]

The next major target for the offensive took the form of the Sun's Reach Armory, situated near the sanctum. The armory was held by demonic forces who, despite having suffered heavy losses thus far, remained resolute in holding the position. Shattered Sun operations soon began to focus on the demons' morale, which was largely maintained through fear of the notorious emissaries of hate. Targeting these demons in particular, and sending a message by impaling their bodies with Shattered Sun banners, greatly undermined the Legion's position.[9] After a deal of fighting, the armory too was secured as demonic forces were pushed from the immediate area. Despite the victory, the armory remained constantly threatened by the Legion presence at Dawning Square to the south. To counter this, the Shattered Sun maintained their efforts against the demons there and their morale.[10]

Fall of Sun's Reach[]

VZ-Isle of Quel'Danas

The Isle of Quel'Danas

While much of the Burning Legion's attention was focused on the Shattered Sun advance from the north, the demons also remained preoccupied with the continued presence of the Undead Scourge at the Dead Scar to the south. As such, a great deal of their army had to be focused against the undead, which presented the Shattered Sun Offensive with an advantage. In an attempt to prevent the Legion from annihilating their Scourge adversaries (and thus free up much-needed forces) dragonhawk bombing runs using arcane charges were launched to hit the demonic forces at the Dead Scar.[11]

With most of Sun's Reach secured, the Shattered Sun Offensive now turned its attention towards Sun's Reach Harbor. The harbor, like the nearby Dawnstar Village, still remained fully under the control of Prince Kael'thas's Dawnblade army, who had these areas garrisoned with troops. Shattered Sun forces clashed with those of the Dawnblade throughout the harbor, with the former eventually gaining the upper hand.[12] Three Dawnblade destroyers were dispatched to reinforce the harbor against the onslaught, but were soon waylaid by Shattered Sun dragonhawk strikes. The ships' sails were targeted and ignited, causing great damage and stopping them from preventing the harbor's fall, or from making an effort to retake it.[13]

The capture of Sun's Reach Harbor completed the conquest of the village and thus cemented the Shattered Sun Offensive's position on the Isle of Quel'Danas. With the harbor came the capture of the destroyer known as Silvermoon's Pride, docked along the quay. The Sun's Reach Armory was also soon made fully operational and began producing armaments for the Shattered Sun troops.

Meanwhile, on the Greengill Coast to the east, the Darkspine naga tribe had enslaved the local Greengill tribe of murlocs. The naga had recently forged an alliance with the Burning Legion, and busied themselves using their slaves to dig up iron ore for the war effort. With Sun's Reach secured, the Shattered Sun Offensive now increased their efforts against these naga. In particular, the Shattered Sun were interested in the excavated ore, which they continued to collect and put to their own use in the Armory.[14] This came with the establishment of an Alchemy Lab for the offensive also. During and after the capture of Sun's Reach, Kael'thas' forces continued to launch dragonhawk attacks on the Shattered Sun forces.

Now fully secured on the island, the Shattered Sun Offensive began the construction of a Monument to the Fallen in Sun's Reach. Using private donations, the monument was eventually completed, offering a testament to all those who gave their lives in the village's capture.[15] Following the fall of Sun's Reach, the naaru K'iru also arrived on the isle to offer its song of victory to bolster the troops' resolve and further aid in the battle.[16]

The Magisters' Terrace[]

Magisters' Terrace WoW

The Magisters' Terrace

With a foothold on the isle secured, the Shattered Sun Offensive continued to pursue its primary target: Kael'thas Sunstrider and his demonic masters. To this end, a small strike team of champions was assembled to assault Kael'thas's base at the Magisters' Terrace, located near the Sunwell Plateau.

The assault force succeeded in cutting a path through the prince's remaining retainers, who attempted to hold the terrace at all costs. Both Selin Fireheart (one of Kael'thas's chief lieutenants) and Priestess Delrissa (the one who had revived Prince Kael'thas) were subsequently defeated by the Shattered Sun champions, who pressed forward to confront the terrace's master. After a heated battle — during which Prince Kael'thas brought to bear all the power at his disposal — the Shattered Sun prevailed. Just before succumbing to death, the prince gave out a final, maniacal rant — reveling in Azeroth's coming destruction at the hands of Kil'jaeden.

Within the Magisters' Terrace, the party also met with the blue dragon Kalecgos, once the protector of Anveena Teague—the mortal embodiment of the Sunwell's energies. Despite his best efforts, Anveena had been captured by Kael'thas upon his return to Quel'Thalas and now remained a captive within the Shrine of the Eclipse, which was at the heart of the Sunwell Plateau. It was there that Aveena was being used to further the Legion's plans.

Kael'thas Sunstrider's death marked the elimination of the final obstacle to liberating the Sunwell Plateau itself, which the Shattered Sun Offensive was now prepared to accomplish.

Reclaiming the Sunwell[]

Kiljaeden Sunwell

Kil'jaeden, the Deceiver

Having curbed the Burning Legion's influence on the Isle of Quel'Danas proper, and with Prince Kael'thas and his forces neutralized, the Shattered Sun Offensive now began to prepare for a final all-out assault to reclaim the Sunwell Plateau and put an end to the plans of the demon lord Kil'jaeden.

After establishing a small foothold within the plateau, a strike team of champions was once more employed to clear the way farther in towards the Sunwell itself. This group once more encountered the dragon Kalecgos, who had fallen under the sway of the a powerful dreadlord, Sathrovarr the Corruptor. With the aid of the Shattered Sun champions, Kalec was able to free himself of the demon's possession, while Sathrovarr himself was slain. The dragon and the champions pressed forward to locate Kalecgos's ally, the blue dragon Madrigosa, who was discovered in the midst of a battle with another potent demon in the form of Brutallus.

Though Madrigosa briefly gained the upper hand over the pit lord and even attempted to interrogate him for information, the champions watched as the blue dragon was eventually overwhelmed and killed. Brutallus now turned his attention on the Shattered Sun champions and engaged them in battle. Eventually however, Brutallus was vanquished. As his body fell to the ground, the demon's fel blood seeped into the corpse of the now-deceased Madrigosa, which subsequently revived the dragon in a corrupted, skeletal form. Turning on her former allies, the dragon was ultimately slain for a second time.

The determined group now forced its way past more of the Legion defenders, overcoming several of Kil'jaeden's key lieutenants in the process. As this force finally approached the Sunwell, they were confronted by a corrupted M'uru. Before dying in the ensuing fight, the naaru completed its transformation into a void god known as Entropius, which the adventurers were forced to put down.

Sunwell restored

The Sunwell reborn

The final confrontation began as the Shattered Sun entered the Shrine of the Eclipse, where the Sunwell stood. Before the eyes of those gathered, Kil'jaeden's portal reached completion. Kil'jaeden the Deceiver emerged from the Sunwell portal by pulling himself partially through it and personally attacked Azeroth's champions. With the aid of Kalecgos, the champions fully engaged the demon lord, and desperately fought to force him back. During the battle, Anveena Teague was suspended above the Sunwell to power the portal, but she intentionally sacrificed her own life to close the portal and prevent Kil'jaeden's arrival. As the energies of the Sunwell began to work against the Deceiver, the mortal champions were able to successfully banish Kil'jaeden back through the portal and into the Twisting Nether; thus shutting close the Legion's gateway into Azeroth.

Following the victory over Kil'jaeden, the draenei Prophet Velen and Lady Liadrin, accompanied by a large force of Shattered Sun troops, portalled into the chamber to take in the scene. Although the Legion had been defeated, the Sunwell was once more left depleted and diminished. Velen, to the astonishment of Liadrin and others, took the spark of the fallen M'uru and used it to fully reignite the ancient font of power. The Prophet then departed, leaving the Blood Knight to bask in the Sunwell's renewed radiance.


The battle for the Isle of Quel'Danas marked the decisive conclusion to the invasion of Outland and led to the complete failure of the Burning Legion's plans for conquering Azeroth in the near future. It would not be until the third invasion of the Burning Legion, that the demons would again assault the world in such force.

For the blood elf race in particular, the battle possessed great significance. In the period to come, the blood elves of Silvermoon would once more occupy Quel'Danas, protecting the Sunwell Plateau and their newly-restored source of power.[17]

Freed from the influence of the insane Kael'thas Sunstrider, and with the soul of their nation restored in the form of the Sunwell, the sin'dorei now turned their attention to freeing themselves of their magical addiction and restoring their civilization to its former greatness. The Monument to the Fallen would remain in Sun's Reach as a testament to all those who gave their lives to defeat the Legion, and save Azeroth from certain destruction.


Shattered Sun Offensive
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