For the quest, see B [20-40] The Battle for Shattrath.
Battle for Shattrath
Shattrath Draenor.jpg
Location Talador and Shattrath City
Result The Iron Horde withdraws from Talador. The coalition maintains control of the city until the Shadow Council rebellion.
Commanders and leaders

Alliance & Horde


Iron Horde

Casualties and losses

Alliance & Horde

  • Moderate

Iron Horde

  • Heavy
Previous Battle of Thunder Pass, Defense of Karabor
Concurrent Auchindoun crisis
Next Siege of Grommashar

The Battle for Shattrath[1] was a major battle in the war in Draenor. The Alliance and Horde, alongside the native draenei and Frostwolves have united in their effort to thwart the Iron Horde's effort to conquer the city, and also destroy a doomsday weapon mounted upon one of the warships.

It concluded with a full withdrawal of the Iron Horde from Shattrath, and was controlled by the coalition for a small period of time until it was pushed back by the Shadow Council forces under leadership of Socrethar.

The battle

As Thaelin Darkanvil and Gazlowe work to get an Iron Star working, the commanders faced off against the Iron Horde's forces before ultimately using the Iron Star itself against the Iron Horde's fleet. However, many enemies impede them on their way to meet with Khadgar and the others at Shattrath Harbor. United, the allies turned their attention to destroying the Iron Horde barring their way and to that end, Khadgar prepared to use a spell to clear their way. However, Khadgar warned that the spell takes time, necessitating his allies to defend the Archmage until he was ultimately able to neutralize the harbor.

With the way clear, the allied forces rushed to clash with Blackhand only to discover him clashing with Orgrim Doomhammer. As the two orcs battled, Doomhammer was joined by Maraad, Yrel, Durotan, and Khadgar. With their focus on Blackhand, the commander turned his/her attention elsewhere. Seeking to destroy the enemy to save Shattrath, the commander invaded the Iron Horde's ships and kills Machinist B'randt. The task done, the commander is quick to join the fight against Blackhand.

During the fight, Doomhammer and Maraad are ultimately killed by Blackhand and the ship they were battling on destroyed by the Iron Star at the command of Khadgar.


Blackhand was able to survive being blasted into the sea, but is forced to flee from Talador, even as Durotan vows to kill him when the opportunity presents itself.[2] Meanwhile, Yrel vows that Maraad's sacrifice will not be for nothing.[3]

With Shattrath saved and the Iron Horde beaten, the commander is directed to save Auchindoun and drive off the Shadow Council from its sacred halls. In their stead, a coalition force maintained control of Shattrath City until they were pushed back by the Shadow Council's forces under the leadership of Socrethar.