AllianceBattle in Ashran
Start War Planning Map [31.5, 30.9]
End Scout Valdez [31.0, 31.2]
Level 40 (Requires 40)
Type Daily PvP
Category Garrison Support
Experience 30140
Rewards 61g 60s 1,000 Apexis Crystal
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [40P Daily] Battle in Ashran.


Join the battle in Ashran.


As we do battle all across Draenor, the cowardly Horde try to seize our territory within Ashran.

Our men would be inspired to see you join the battlefield, striking terror into the hearts of the Horde.


You will receive:

  • 61g 60s 1,000 Apexis Crystal
  • 30140 XP


Fighting the good fight, commander?


Word of your glory in battle has already made it back, as have some spoils from the fight.

Well done sir, if you don't mind me saying.


This quest requires PvP combat in Ashran and turning in 100 Artifact Fragments to the quest finisher back at the garrison. Do not turn in fragments to the NPCs in Ashran. Either loot fallen players or kill creatures.

The quest may or may not update to show as completed after having 100 fragments in bags, but after hitting the quota, immediately get to a safe spot and hearth back to the garrison to turn in.


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