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Battle of Shar'gel
Location Shar'gel

Legion victory

  • T'uure falls into demonic hands
Commanders and leaders


Casualties and losses


  • Annihilation

Burning Legion

  • Unknown

The Battle of Shar'gel occurred sometime during the exodus of the draenei people. It would go down as one of the greatest instances of self-sacrifice in draenei history.


When the draenei first arrived on Shar'gel, they believed that it would be a safe haven where they could settle and start over. However, their eternal foe, the demonic Burning Legion, had lain in wait for them. As the draenei set foot on the world, demonic portals opened all around them, spewing out horrid demons and cutting off their retreat to their vessel, the Genedar. All seemed lost until the priestess Askara planted herself between her people and the demons. Realizing that she was destined to sacrifice herself to give her people a chance to find a true sanctuary, Askara volunteered along with seventy other draenei to distract the Legion and buy the rest of their kin enough time to escape from Shar'gel.

Hundreds of demons, including doomguard and felhounds smashed into the seventy-one, but the defenders never gave any ground. Every time a draenei teetered on the brink of death, Askara charged through the battle lines and mended their wounds with her staff, T'uure. She also used it to blind the Legion's minions and shield her kin from their blades. Because of her, the seventy-one fought with the courage and strength of a thousand and saved the rest of their race from annihilation. As the draenei battled their way to the Genedar, T'uure grew brighter and brighter until it shone "like a second sun on Shar'gel".

After the battle, T'uure fell into the Burning Legion's hands. The demons squabbled over control of the artifact until Kil'jaeden decided that it would go to Lady Calindris, an eredar priestess with an intimate knowledge of T'uure and the holy magics of the draenei.[1]