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Battle of Thunder Pass
Battle of Thunder Pass.jpg
Location Frostfire Ridge

Frostwolf Orcs victory

  • Iron Horde invasion failed
  • Ga'nar sacrifices himself
  • Frostwolf Orcs prepare for war

Frostwolf Orcs

  Iron Horde
Commanders and leaders

Frostwolf Orcs


Iron Horde

Casualties and losses

Frostwolf Orcs

  • Moderate

Iron Horde

  • Heavy
Previous Assault on the Dark Portal
Next Battle for Shattrath

The Battle of Thunder Pass was an Iron Horde offensive in order to decimate the Frostwolf Orcs.


When the Iron Horde was being formed, they sent invitations to every clan. Garad declined and would be soon killed by the Iron Wolf, and his Thunderlords. Treated as enemies of the Iron Horde members of the Frostwolves would be captured and sent to work as slaves for the Iron Horde war machine as it prepared for its invasion of Azeroth.

However, instead of victory, the forces of Azeroth were not only able to defeat the invaders but turned tables by invading Draenor. After beating back Iron Horde forces the Horde and Alliance forces split off with the Horde becoming allies of the Frostwolf Orcs. The forces would then work together in beating back the Bladespire ogres and claim Bladespire Citadel as their own.[1] With the ogres beaten back, the Frostwolves came under attack from the Thunderlords forcing the Horde forces to strike back.

During the Horde counterattack, the Thunderlords would face a series of defeats that would ultimately see the death of its chieftain.[2] However, instead of rejoicing in their victory, scouts reported that a massive Iron Horde army was making its way through the Thunder Pass.[3]


Forewarned of their coming, the Iron Horde army commanded by Malgrim Stormhand faced a unified army when they came out of Thunder Pass. Since Stormhand's forces were larger than them, Drek'Thar sought to speak with the earth in order to collapse the canyon itself. After beating back waves and waves of Iron Horde forces, Malgrim Stormhand personally entered the battle and slain by Draka. With the death of their commander, the Iron Horde unleashed Maggoc, though even the Gronn fell to the might of the defenders.

However, the Iron Horde was not deterred and Durotan called for a retreat in the face of the sheer numbers coming forward. Learning that Drek'Thar still needed time to collapse the canyon, Ga'nar sacrificed himself, and would die along with the rest of the Iron Horde invaders with the canyons collapse.[4]


With the battle finished the Frostwolves mourned the fallen and decided to take the fight to the Iron Horde. To that end the ensured no hostile presence remained within Frostfire[5] and sought allies to aid their war against Iron Horde forces.

Iron Horde later tried to drill the ruined pass.[6]