Battlecast Hood

Battlecast Hood is an item level 105 epic cloth head gear crafted by Tailoring and is part of the two-item crafted set, Battlecast Garb. It comes with two gem sockets and requires a player level of 70 in order to equip it.


Battlecast Hood is crafted by tailors that have learned the Bind on Pickup  [Pattern: Battlecast Hood]. The pattern drops from Warlord Kalithresh in the Steamvault and requires a Tailoring level of 375 to learn it.

Crafting materials required

Materials required:
Inv fabric netherweave bolt imbued.png 12x [Bolt of Imbued Netherweave] Spell nature lightningoverload.png 8x [Primal Might]
Inv elemental primal nether.png 1x [Primal Nether]

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