Battlefield: Barrens (Alliance)

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For the weekly version, see A [90W] Battlefield: Barrens.
AllianceBattlefield: Barrens
Start Vol'jin [49.7, 40.1]
End Vol'jin [49.7, 40.1]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Category Pandaren Campaign
Experience 236000
Rewards 19g 84s 50c
Previous A [90] Vol'jin of the Darkspear
Next N [90] The Old Seer, A [90W] Battlefield: Barrens (weekly version)
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The subject of this article or section is part of Battlefield: Barrens, a world event that preceded the Siege of Orgrimmar during patch 5.3.0.


Collect 15 Kor'kron Lumber, 15 Kor'kron Oil, 15 Kor'kron Meat, and 15 Kor'kron Stone.


Ya want we work together on dis, ya gotta earn me trust.

In Northern Barrens, de Kor'kron be massin' for war. Hellscream's goons be stockpilin' lumber, oil, stone, an' meat. Supplies de Darkspear want ta use against' 'im.

Go to de Barrens. Kill de Kor'kron. Bring me dem supplies! Fight dem wherever dey spring up, escort supply caravans, group up ta take down de dangerous ones. Whatever ya gotta do.

Prove ta me da Alliance wants dis! I be watchin'.


You will receive:

  • 19g 84s 50c
  • 236000 XP


I need dem Kor'kron supplies ta fuel de Darkspear Rebellion.


<Vol'jin motions his guards to allow you to come forward and speak.>

De Barrens be splattered wit' blood, <race>. Ya done right by me.

Tell de Alliance ta rally its fleet. When de time comes, de Darkspear an' de other rebels will try ta hold de harbor for ya. Hellscream made too many enemies to fight 'em all off at once, hah!

<The troll's face becomes deadly serious.>

Ya have me thanks, <race>. Dis rebellion only gonna get so far wit'out ya.


There are four Kor'kron camps in the Northern Barrens:

Kill Kor'kron at any of the four camps, or help defend a Barrens Caravan from Kor'kron Caravan Raiders to receive a crate of  [Surplus Supplies], which has a decent amount of all four requested items.

Gather the requested supplies, then head back to the Razor Hill Watchtower. There, Chen Stormstout makes an appearance! He offers a followup side-quest, N [90] The Old Seer, upon completion of this quest. Additionally, Ki'ta Arrowtusk offers a weekly version of this quest, looking for 150 of each item.

On complete:

Vol'jin says: Very well. Ya earned me trust. I will put me faith in tha Alliance to do tha right ting.
Vol'jin says: The Darkspear and her allies will attack Orgrimmar by land, so that you can attack her by sea. It be the only way.

This completes "The Durotar Job" portion of Alliance [Hordebreaker].

Additionally, King Varian Wrynn sends a letter via the in-game mail system:

Supporting the Insurrection

<Name> -

Your name has come up in my most recent SI:7 briefing. Thank you for taking command of the dangerous situation in Durotar.

I don't trust this Vol'jin character at all, but I agree with your decision on the field. The more trolls and orcs we get killing each other, the more Alliance lives we save in the long run.

The Alliance fleet is assembled. If the Darkspear cause havoc as far as Bladefist Bay, that's all we need for a landing - we'll take care of the rest. Thank you.

-King Wrynn


  1. N [90] The King and the Council
  2. N [90] The Warchief and the Darkness
  3. Battlefield: Barrens fork (pre-patch 5.4):
    1. H [90] The Darkspear Rebellion / A [90] A Little Field Work
    2. H [90] Vol'jin of the Darkspear / A [90] Gathering Intelligence
    3. H [90] Battlefield: Barrens / A [90] The Darkspear Rebellion
    4. H [90] Battle of Sen'jin Village / A [90] Vol'jin of the Darkspear
    5. H [90] Battle of Razor Hill / A [90] Battlefield: Barrens
  4. N [90] The Old Seer
  5. N [90] Path of the Last Emperor

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