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The Battlefront.

The Battlefront is large region of Silverpine Forest between Shadowfang Keep and the Greymane Wall. It is currently inhabited by both Forsaken Horde forces, and the 7th Legion and Gilneas Liberation Front of the Alliance. Additionally, Marsh Crocolisks have eaten one of Lord Godfrey's friends here and will drop an item that begins a quest.

The main Horde camp is the Forsaken Front, where Sylvanas Windrunner leads the war preparations that culminate in a final showdown in H [20] Cities in Dust. Alliance encampments include the 7th Legion Base Camp, where the dwarves under General Marstone are located, and the Gilneas Liberation Front Base Camp, where Lorna Crowley can be found. The once isolated Pyrewood Village has become ground zero for the conflict between these two sides.


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