Battlelord's Plate

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Battlelord's Plate is the Class Hall set for Warrior.


The Battlelord's Plate items are sold by Quartermaster Durnolf for 500g each.

Slot Criteria
Head Reach level 110
Wrist Recruit 6 Champions for your Class Hall
Hands Reach Honored with the Nightfallen
Legs Reach Revered with 2 Broken Isles reputations
Feet Defeat the final boss of 8 different Legion dungeons, on any difficulty
Chest Complete your Class Order Campaign
Waist Earn 100,000 Artifact Power
Shoulder Reach Exalted with the Nightfallen

Additional Vendor:


Battlelord's Plate


  • All pieces are available from your Quartermaster for repurchase if you happen to get rid of them at some point, for the cost of 500g.
  • Shoulder and Gloves are affected by reputation discount when bought from First Arcanist Thalyssra.
  • Earning all 8 pieces of your Class Order Hall set rewards you with [A Classy Outfit].

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