The Bazaar, with the Sunfury Spire on the background.

The Bazaar is a subzone of western Silvermoon City. It contains one of the capital city's two Auction Houses, Sorim Lightsong the Cloth Quartermaster, and the Wayfarer's Rest Tavern among other things.

There is a gathering of blood elves in the southwest corner of the Bazaar, being addressed by two speakers. The sequence that plays out gives an insight to political manipulation in Silvermoon.

After the Scourge invasion in the Third War, the Bazaar became a safe place for the high elven survivors led by Lor'themar Theron. It was also here that the fallen king Anasterian Sunstrider was cremated, and where his son Prince Kael'thas renamed the high elf survivors as sin'dorei - the blood elves following the Sunwell destruction.[1]



Excluding the above areas:

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Notes and trivia

  • According to Mathias Shaw's reports, the spot for debates has blood elves engage in friendly shouting matches, and SI:7 spies attended them to see who was sympathetic to the Alliance. They also know about court priests changing the minds of those who spoke out against the leadership.[2]
  • The word "bazaar" derives from the Persian word bāzār, which is a permanent covered marketplace where goods are sold or traded.
  • An unusable gate to the Dead Scar exist here, with the map implying it was an exit at some point.