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Beastlord L'kala

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HordeBeastlord L'kala
Image of Beastlord L'kala
Gender Female
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 10-50
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Zandalari Empire
Location Warbeast Kraal, Zuldazar
Status Alive

Beastlord L'kala is a Zandalari troll located in Warbeast Kraal in Zuldazar.


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Welcome to Warbeast Kraal, <name>.
I have heard of your Horde, and I know you are here to strike a bargain with ol' Rastakhan.
We will see if you are useful. Maybe den we will send kind words up de steps of Dazar, hm?


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  • And you, Speaker of de Horde. I will consider what to do with you in good time.
  • Be on your way.
  • Dat is enough! I said I will think about!
  • Explain yourself!
  • Good. Dis unnatural voodoo is undone.
  • I don't know... Our ways are working just fine and--
  • I would shut my mouth if I were you.
  • Looks like your little one is tired after all dat fighting. It will be safe here. I will look after it myself.
  • What WAS dat?!
  • You, small green one, are no longer welcome in Warbeast Kraal. Begone!

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