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The Beastwarrens [57, 70] is the south-eastern section of the Maw, accessed via a bridge from Cocyrus. It's a dangerous place, and if entered before proper preparations are made, Ve'nari will warn the Maw Walker to turn back for the time being. Players are required to reach Ambivalent standing with Ve'nari and to complete N [60] Rule 6: Concealment is Everything (earning the achievement [Make it Double!]) to safely enter.

Anchored on the eastern half of the island by the Desmotaeron stronghold, major subzones include the Hungering Wastes, Marrow's Coppice, Prodigum, Ravener's Lament, and the Soulstained Fields.

Notable inhabitants


Entering too early
Ve'nari says: You are not equipped to enter the Beastwarrens, mortal. Turn back!

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