Beating the Market

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HordeBeating the Market
Start Foebreaker Blueprints
End Warlord Krogg
Level 84 (Requires 84)
Category Azshara
Experience 55200
Reputation +250 Orgrimmar
Rewards 9g
Previous H [84] Ready the Navy
Next H [84] Twilight Skies


Track down a Bilgewater Foreman somewhere in Bilgewater Harbor and knock him around a little.

  • Bilgewater Foreman Intimidated


<It's not hard to see why the Foebreaker is behind schedule. Every other day, a foreman comes in and changes the blueprints.>

<Most troubling are the recent alterations. The workers have been ordered to remove rivets to save on costs!>

<You'd better track down one of the Bilgewater foremen responsible for this and make an example out of him, before any Horde lives are lost in a faulty ship.>


You will receive: 9g


So they were trying to skimp on production costs? Unacceptable!

I'm glad you knocked some sense into them. If that foreman makes good on his word, our fleet will be ship-shape in time for the invasion.


  1. H [84] Warchief's Command: Twilight Highlands!
  2. H [84] Machines of War
  3. H [84] Weapons of Mass Dysfunction
  4. H [84] Sauranok Will Point the Way (Optional) & H [84] Unfamiliar Waters
  5. H [84] Where Is My Warfleet?
  6. Complete all of:
  7. H [84] Twilight Skies
  8. H [84] Twilight Skies

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