AllianceBecanna Edune
Image of Becanna Edune
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 7-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Darnassus
Occupation Druid
Location House of Edune, Ashenvale[17.5, 48.2]
Status Alive
Relative(s) Benjari, Elenna, Aleanna

Becanna Edune is a night elf found at the House of Edune in Ashenvale. Here she lives along with her family, William Dunadaire and Sulan Dunadaire.


Elenna Edune says: William, I saw a fresh growth of herbs out on the ridge. Go ask Becanna to pick them up.
William Dunadaire says: What? Why do you want me to do it?
Elenna Edune says: Come on, just do it.
William Dunadaire says: Alright, I'll tell her.
William Dunadaire takes a deep breath.

He then wanders to the cottage to speak with Becanna.

Becanna Edune says: Hi, William, what's up?
William Dunadaire says: Hi, uh, Becanna, I mean... uh, Elenna found some herbs! Can you go pick them up?
Becanna Edune says: Ah, thank you! I'll be sure to go get them soon.
William Dunadaire says: Thanks! If you uh, need any help, just come pick me up... I mean, come get me and I'll help!
Becanna Edune says: Nah, I can handle it. Thanks.
William Dunadaire turns slightly red and walks away.
Becanna in Darnassian says: That William is so funny. His face always turns bright red.
Aleanna in Darnassian says: Hmm... well, just be careful, he might be sweet on you. I don't trust that sister of his either...
Becanna in Darnassian says: I am sure a noble solider[sic] of the Alliance has better things on his mind. Oh! Elenna found some herbs so I'm going to go pick them up.
Aleanna in Darnassian says: Alright, Becca, just leave them in the garden next to the bush. Watch out for wolves!

At that point, Becanna shapeshifts into Cat Form and walks off.

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