Becoming a Mooncloth Tailor

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NeutralBecoming a Mooncloth Tailor
Start Nasmara Moonsong
End Nasmara Moonsong
Level 70 (Requires 61)
Experience 9500
Reputation Lower City +150
Rewards Mooncloth Tailoring
5g 70s


Use the  [Square of Imbued Netherweave] while standing in Cenarion Refuge's moonwell to create a  [Sample of Primal Mooncloth]. Bring the completed sample back to Nasmara Moonsong in Shattrath's Lower City.

*WARNING!* You can only select one tailoring specialization.


I can teach you the ways of mooncloth tailoring, if you are interested.. By specializing in mooncloth tailoring, creating  [Primal Mooncloth] will yield twice the normal amount and you will have access to several exclusive patterns. All that is required is that you pass a simple test.

As to the test, your task is to create a small  [Sample of Primal Mooncloth] in the moonwell at Cenarion Refuge. I will provide all the materials you'll need. When you've created the sample, bring it back to me for examination.


Have you created the primal mooncloth sample?


<Nasmara examines the cloth, turning it over in her hands.>

This is an exceedingly fine sample, <name>. You will make an excellent mooncloth tailor.


You will be rewarded with: