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For the critter, see Beetle (critter).
"Scarab" redirects here. For the mob in Zul'Farrak, see Scarab (mob).
Mature Scalecrawler

A type of beetle introduced in Dragonflight.

Beetles, also known as scarabs, are insects found in a few areas of Azeroth. A hardy insect that can dwell in just about any climate, the beetle is known to thrive on battlefields after the fighting has ended.[1] Some small beetles are critters, while larger ones are beasts. They are not silithid, although Silithid Scarabs and at least one species of nerubian look like beetles. Cataclysm introduced new egyptian-style skins for the beetles living in Uldum.

Beetles commonly feed on plants and other smaller insects, though some species have developed very strange appetites. One species feeds entirely on ash,[2] while a beetles in the Burning Steppes feast on rolled-up balls of cooled magma.[3] One enigmatic species is said to feed off the chaotic energies of the Old Gods,[4] while its cousin feeds on crystals which resonate with ancient energies.[5] One species can even go long periods of time without eating at all.[6] The Dung Beetle is a desert dwelling forager attracted to areas rich with dung.[7] The Savory Beetle is the most delicious of the beetle family.[8]

Easily mistaken for a common beetle, the sting of a sand scarab will quickly clear up the misconception should you be unlucky enough to be stung by one.[9] Gold Beetles are in fact not beetles at all, but tiny, autonomous machines created by the Titans to clean and maintain their mighty edifices.[10] The stinkbug is desert-dwelling insect which defends its eggs by spraying a foul, ogrelike scent.[11] The shells of scarabs of Tanaris are very hard. Because of that they were hunted down to near extinction and some of them moved to Zul'Farrak.[12]


Jeweled Scarab HS

A Jeweled Scarab in Hearthstone.



In the RPG[]

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.
  • Scarabs were a species of beetle that lived in the Barrens.[13]
  • Giant scarabs were enormous beetles that carried foul disease. The trolls of Zul'Farrak consider them sacred. A giant scarab attacks prey mindlessly, releasing a disease cloud as it closes. A giant scarab can release a cloud of diseased air that extends outward from the beetle in a 15-foot-radius spread. Creatures within the cloud are subject to chokemist disease.[14]

As a companion pet[]

Wild battle pets[]

Beetles and scarabs are among the most common types of wild battle pets found around the world.

As a hunter pet[]

Inv misc food 19 Inv mushroom 11
Basic Special Exotic Bonus
Ability druid ferociousbite Inv qiraj carapaceoldgod
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Beetles are a type of hunter pet that first became tameable in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. They are tenacious pets who harden up their skin, reducing damage taken from opponents for a short time with their ability Inv qiraj carapaceoldgod [Harden Carapace].

Some hunters, as well as other nearby players, often find the clicking sound they make while walking, running, and attacking to be distracting and/or annoying at times.



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