NeutralBefore I Wake
Start Merithra of the Dream
End Merithra of the Dream
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Heart of Azeroth
Reputation +350 Champions of Azeroth
Rewards  [Radiant Azerite Matrix] (1,000x [Azerite])
2g 34s
Previous N [120] We Must Go Deeper
Next N [120] The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of


Destroy all Grips of Horror and the Void Horror.


It is as I feared. We cannot fuse the shards together until the Void has been driven from this place.

Quickly, strike down these aberrations. I suspect the source of the corruption will not sit idle in response.

(The Void Horror: Something dark and disturbing lies in wait. It must be destroyed.)


You will receive:


The Void is at its strongest here. I feel at fault for allowing it to spread unhindered.


To think something so dark, so terrible, festered here for this long. We are truly lost.


Map area.

On accept
Merithra of the Dream says: My mother used to seek respite here. The Void threatens to engulf everything she loved.
Merithra of the Dream says: This is my fault. I should have done something to stop it sooner.
Grips defeated
The Void Horror appears from the lake.
Void Horror yells: All will be consumed!
Merithra of the Dream yells: There, champion! The source of the corruption! Destroy it!


  1. N [120] In Darkness, I Dream
  2. N [120] Enter the Dreamway
  3. N [120] Shards of Emerald, N [120] Null the Void & N [120] Don't Close Your Eyes
  4. N [120] We Must Go Deeper
  5. N [120] Before I Wake
  6. N [120] The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
  7. N [120] The Long Awake

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