NeutralBen of the Booming Voice
Image of Ben of the Booming Voice
Title <Fishing Trainer>
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 15-35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Gilding Stream, Valley of the Four Winds[58.9, 47.0]

Ben of the Booming Voice is a pandaren fishing trainer located on the bank of the Gilding Stream in the Valley of the Four Winds. When asked, he tells where fish are swarming in Pandaria that day. Wherever fish are swarming, there are a large number of fishing pools containing the type of fish Ben specifies.


  • Are you lookin' to hear a secret about where to fish?
  • Wanna get in on a little secret? It's about where to fish today...
Gossip Sure, I'd love to hear a secret.
Gossip Even better, can you just show me on my map?
Trainer I don't even know how to fish! Can you teach me?
Buy Do you happen to have any fishing supplies?

He will say one of the following:

Sometimes, after a new batch of brew is made, they are known to have beer fights. That's right, gallons upon gallons of brew are wasted and wash away into the Yan-Zhe river.
The beer attracts Emperor Salmon, and they swarm like nothin' I've ever seen. They're a bit easier to catch, too... seein' as they've had a few.
(choose to mark on map): The best place to go for Emperor Salmon would probably be right outside the brewery here in the Valley of Four Winds. I'll mark it on your map.
Shrimp, octopus, and all manner'o'things get tangled up in there. I bet you could get you a small fortune o' Mantis Shrimp if you fished out there a while.
Let me know if you need help finding it.
(choose to mark on map): Sure thing, friend. I'll mark where you can find Mantis Shrimp map[sic]. Take a look at the Northwest corner of Dread Wastes. It's a place called Gokk'lok Shallows.
Their scales glow with a bright jade light and fleck off into the water. This attracts Jade Lungfish like you wouldn't believe! Like moths to the light!
Careful not to disturb those mogu, though... they ain't exactly the friendly type.
(choose to mark on map): Yeah, sure. The Jade Lungfish are found about here, in the Enchanted Woods of the Lost in Jade Forest on your map. It's not the biggest pool in Pandaria, but it's majestic all its own.
And... well... the poor guy has more gold than wit. Last I heard he's been dumping gold into the water... hoping to become king of the world!
Sadly, Jewel Danio's favorite treats are fireflies that fly low on the water. The glimmer of the coins lures them out in droves.
Hopefully the poor things aren't swallowing too many coins. Today's the day to get Jewel Danio if you want, though. You may even find a couple of coins yourself.
Original (choose to mark on map): Mad Qao-Pao and his Jewel Danio were last found in the Summer Fields in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Probably around this area.
<Ben marks a spot on your map.>
  • Patch 5.4.0 (secret): Some terrible things have happened in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, but the real tragedy is that it's no longer a good place for fishing. All that Jewel Danio! Gone!
Fortunately for you, I've heard of an island off the eastern coast where you can still fish Jewel Danio. If the rumors are correct, you should be able to find a lake full of them there.
Patch 5.4.0 (choose to mark on map): If the rumors are true, you should be able to find Jewel Danio here.
<Ben marks a spot on your map.>
  •  [Redbelly Mandarin] - (secret): So today as I was gathering supplies, I found a wandering sherpa who sold exotic potions and oils. One of the more strange oils he had was known as a "love potion" for fish.
Nevermind how he created it, just know that the stuff REALLY works! It DOUBLED the Redbelly Mandarin population in his pond!
I found him at the lake north of Niuzao Temple. You'd probably do some good if you helped even out the population there.
(choose to mark on map): <Ben scratches his head.>
I'm not the greatest with directions, but I reckon the Redbelly Mandarin are about's here, in the Fields of Niuzao in Townlong Steppes.
<Ben circles a general areaa on your map.>
The problem is, that the increased octopus influx is damaging the shellfish population... and everyone knows the real money is in shellfish.
Dangle your bobber there for a minute or two, I bet you'd walk away with swarms of those octopi.
(choose to mark on map): I'm thinkin' the Reef Octopi are hereabouts this area in Sri-La village of Jade Forest.
<Ben stuffs a pin along the Northeast shore of Jade Forest on your map.>
You may already know this, but the Spinefish is a rather aggressive fish. Now, you mix that with a little bit'o that Sha mojo, and you've got a proper frenzy in the make!
If you can catch those angry beasties, you may help restore balance to their fragile ecosystem... not to mention gettin' yourself a dream catch of Spinefish.
(choose to mark on map): The Spinefish are right here on your map. Off the shores of Binan Village in Kun-Lai Summit. Anywhere the sky is dark and heavy.
The good news is, the students did great. The bad news is, hundreds of icy fist balls were cast into the water. This froze the Tiger Gourami living in the surrounding lake!
If you're looking to catch some Tiger Gourami today, that's probably your best bet.
(choose to mark on map): The Tiger Gourami will be found near the pagoda of Shado-pan Monastery... here, in Kun-Lai Summit.
<Ben marks a spot on your map.>
  • Swarm of Panicked Paddlefish - Do I look Angry? Well it's because I AM! My arch nemesis, Wizak Blastbait, is encroaching pretty close onto my turf. He's a nasty little goblin, who uses... non-conventional means of fishing. Last I saw him, he was at Krasari Falls. You should fish there today if you want Krasarang Paddlefish, I bet he's scaring them up left and right. Maybe if he sees other people fishing there, he'll deem the area overcrowded and leave. Oh, and if you can, make a rude gesture at him. Tell 'm old Ben sent' ya.


Inv misc food 26.png [Aquadynamic Fish Attractor]
2s 50c
Inv misc gem variety 02.png [Bright Baubles]
2s 50c
Inv fishingpole 02.png [Fishing Pole]
Inv misc monstertail 03.png [Nightcrawlers]
Achievement profession fishing outlandangler.png [Oversized Bobber]
2g 20s
Inv misc orb 03.png [Shiny Bauble]
Inv fishingpole 02.png [Strong Fishing Pole]
9s 2c



  • Ben is a reference to former Blizzard employee Ben Brode, who is known for wearing red plaid shirts and for having a resonant voice and hearty laugh.

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