Benediction (paladin talent)

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For the staff, see  [Benediction].
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  • Benediction (5 ranks)
  • Retribution, Tier 1
  • Reduces the mana cost of all instant cast spells by 2/4/6/8/10%.
Class Paladin
Tree Retribution
Affects Seals, Judgments, [Holy Shock], Reckoning, [Hammer of the Righteous], [Hammer of Justice], [Avenger's Shield], [Holy Shield], Blessings, Hands, [Righteous Fury], [Crusader Strike], [Beacon of Light]

Benediction was a Paladin talent formerly located in the first tier of the Retribution tree.

Affected Spells

  • The first 5 points a Retribution Paladin generally spent were in this talent, as all of a Paladin's outgoing attacks are instant casts; Judgments, Exorcism, Divine Storm, Crusader Strike, Consecration, Hammer of Justice, Hammer of Wrath, Repentance. This was of huge benefit for long running fights.
  • This talent was also useful to Holy Paladins, as it would reduce the mana cost of [Holy Shock], instant Flash of Lights, Seals, Blessings and Judgements. It would also lower the cost of [Beacon of Light] which could be highly mana inefficient when kept up for long fights.
  • Protection Paladins would generally skip this talent in favor of Deflection, given that their mana levels could be well managed through [Spiritual Attunement], [Divine Plea], [Judgement of Wisdom] and [Blessing of Sanctuary]. Still, it could be a lifesaver when the Paladin was low on mana and needed to cast a spell to prevent a wipe, as a Paladin tank's mana pool is drained very fast when not under any special mana-regeneration effects.

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