HordeBenjamin Gibb
Image of Benjamin Gibb
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 40
Class Unholy Death Knight
Reaction Alliance Horde
Former affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lordaeron, Scourge
Location Admiral Taylor's Garrison, Spires of Arak
Status Active

Benjamin Gibb is a Forsaken member of the Horde expedition to Draenor.


Benjamin Gibb was once a simple farmer in Lordaeron, taken by the undead plague. The Lich King saw a fearsome warrior within and raised him into a mighty death knight. Since the Lich King's fall, Benjamin serves the Horde vanguard, hoping to etch out a meaning for his cursed existence.[1]

He was sent by Sylvanas Windrunner to spy on Draenor. He is first encountered during his mission to Admiral Taylor's Garrison, where he was surveying the situation of ghostly human spirits before being discovered. They mistake him for a corpse and bury him in a mound of dirt. Found by the Horde Garrison Commander, he is recruited into the garrison army in Frostfire Ridge and becomes a follower after H [30-40] Three Feet Under.

He can also be seen watching fights between garrison commanders in the Coliseum of Highmaul.


  • "Let's be honest commander, I'm one of the best soldiers you've got - I don't even sleep!"
  • "I will lay my life on the line for you, commander... what's left of it, anyway."
Follower gossip
  • The Dark Lady watches over us, commander.
  • I haven't killed anything in what feels like ages... might I go on a mission?
  • Do you think Hellscream has any idea what's coming for him? The fool.

Gossip I need you to come on patrol with me.


Benjamin was mistaken for a corpse and buried at Admiral Taylor's Garrison.

  • Benjamin Gibb is a second death knight seen in the ranks of the Horde, the first being Koltira.

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