Benthic gear are gear found in Nazjatar which has an equip effect that provide bonuses while in Nazjatar or the Eternal Palace raid. They can consist of regular gear items or as an Azerite Armor for the helm, shoulder or chest slots.


The armor tokens can be acquired from the following:


Item upgrade for a piece of Benthic gear.

Benthic gear can be upgraded with Prismatic Manapearls by Voidbinder Zorlan in Newhome (Horde) or Voidbinder Sturzah in Mezzamere (Alliance). Upon obtaining a new Benthic gear, they start at ilvl 385. The first upgrade will cost 20 Prismatic Manapearl and after would depend of the type of gear in the list below.

Upgrading will increase its item level by 5 unless it is an Azerite Armor which will increase by 15.

  • 400 to 405: Costs 10 Prismatic Manapearl
  • 405 to 410: Costs 15 Prismatic Manapearl
  • 410 to 415: Costs 25 Prismatic Manapearl
  • 415 to 420: Costs 50 Prismatic Manapearl
  • 420 to 425: Costs 100 Prismatic Manapearl
  • 400 to 415: Costs 50 Prismatic Manapearl
  • 415 to 430: Costs 350 Prismatic Manapearl


Azerite traits

The following Azerite traits are unique to Benthic Azerite Armor:

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