HordeBest Meals Anywhere!
Start Rivett Clutchpop
End Rivett Clutchpop
Level 20-35
Category Kun-Lai Summit
Experience 129,000 XP
Rewards 10g 20s
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [20-35] Blue Dwarf Needs Food Badly.


Collect 160 Kun-Lai Meaty Bits.


Yeah, yeah. Everyone knows us goblins do tinkering. And explosives. And... well, ya' know, the less reputable stuff. But what nobody knows is that I'm really a great chef! It's a hobby of mine. Gather us up some meaty bits from the creatures around here, and I'll cook us up the best meals ANYWHERE! And I promise, I'll only use three or four percent rocket fuel.


The meaty bits, <name>? We need 'em!


You know what they say about cooking - GTL. Garnish, taste... and... laundry?


You will receive: 10g 20s (or 10g 85s if completed at level 90) Upon completion of this quest you will also gain:

  • 129,000 XP


On approach
  • Rivett Clutchpop says: Heya, <name>. Nice work here, chief.
  • Rivett Clutchpop says: What gives? You gotta get to that farm. Did Kiryn send you to do her work? She's so lazy!


Optional breadcrumb: A [20-35] Hero's Call: Kun-Lai Summit!/H [20-35] Warchief's Command: Kun-Lai Summit! (optional), B [20-35] The Road to Kun-Lai
Optional side quests: N [20-35] Robbing Robbers of Robbers, N [20-35] Educating Saurok, N [20-35] The Spring Drifter

  1. N [20-35] Call Out Their Leader & N [20-35] Hit Medicine & N [20-35] All of the Arrows
  2. A [20-35] Admiral Taylor has Awakened / H [20-35] General Nazgrim has Awakened
  3. A [20-35] Westwind Rest / H [20-35] Eastwind Rest
  4. B [20-35] Challenge Accepted
  5. Complete all of:
    1. B [20-35] Trouble on the Farmstead
    2. N [20-35] Farmhand Freedom & N [20-35] ... and the Pot, Too!
    3. A [20-35] Back to Westwind Rest / H [20-35] Back to Eastwind Rest
  6. Complete all of:

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