Betina Bigglezink (quest)

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NeutralBetina Bigglezink
Start Leonid Barthalomew the Revered
End Betina Bigglezink
Level 60 (Requires 57)
Type Dungeon
Experience 1650 XP
Reputation +50 Argent Dawn
Previous N [60D] Leonid Barthalomew
Next N [60D] Dawn's Gambit

Betina Bigglezink is part of the Dawn's Gambit quest chain.


Bring the Frozen Eggs to Betina Bigglezink.


The eggs you brought were to be used in Scourge experiments to create a plagued dragonflight. These frozen black dragon eggs would have been invaluable in their studies, and would have assuredly quickened their timetable.

Now, it is time we ended their research.

Take the frozen eggs to Betina Bigglezink outside. She is well-learned in science and alchemy, and has produced a weapon we can use against the Scourge. With your help, we will deal them a heavy blow.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1650 XP (or 14s 40c at max level)


Hello, <name>! I heard you were here with some dragon eggs? Well, let's see them!


There they are! And in such a nice container. The perfect size!

We'll keep these eggs in a safe place so we can study them later, but right now we need that thing you brought them in.

I have created a device with a very specific use: to destroy the undead scholars of the Scholomance. They are studying dragons in their efforts to create a plagued dragonflight, and we must halt their progress.

I call the device  [Dawn's Gambit], because... I'm not sure if it works!

Will you find out for us?


  1. N [52] Broodling Essence
  2. N [54] Felnok Steelspring
  3. N [54] Chillwind Horns
  4. N [54] Return to Tinkee
  5. N [60R] Tinkee Steamboil (optional?)
  6. N [60R] Egg Freezing
  7. N [60R] Egg Collection
  8. N [60D] Leonid Barthalomew
  9. N [60D] Betina Bigglezink
  10. N [60D] Dawn's Gambit

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