Beve Perenolde

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Beve Perenolde
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Title Lady
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Mage, Rogue
Affiliation(s) Syndicate
Former affiliation(s) Alterac
Status Alive
Relative(s) Aiden & Isolde (parents), Unnamed siblings
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Beve Perenolde is the oldest child of Aiden Perenolde and his deceased wife, Isolde. She is valuable to the Syndicate as the most powerful of the few mages within the ranks. She is in her forties, of average size with blonde hair and serious brown eyes. She commonly wears mage's robes.[1]


Beve was sent to Lordaeron City to study magic as a young woman, but left the school voluntarily to join her family in exile, lending her magical skills to their cause.

She is fiercely devoted to her family, but disagrees with her father on many issues. She knows she is in line to inherit the holdings when he dies, and she fully expects the leadership of the Syndicate to be her birthright as well. She thinks her leadership will be so beneficial that the Syndicate and her brothers and sisters will not miss Lord Perenolde for long. Her father is constantly surrounded by several bodyguards, so it is unlikely she could attempt an assassination. This does not stop her from continuing her magical studies and looking for an opening in his defenses. She believes he is blind to her machinations, but he is well aware of her desires.[1]


  • She was seemingly replaced in later sources by Aliden Perenolde as he doesn't appear in Lands of Conflict, but appears in other RPG books while Beve doesn't.


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