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"Beyond the Veil" was released on November 16, 2020 and serves as the launch cinematic for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.



In order of appearance:


In order of appearance:


Archon: Beyond the veil lies the Shadowlands... where every soul has its place.
In Bastion, a kyrian spreads his wings, then lifts into the air. Two more kyrian join him and they set off into the clouds.
In Ardenweald, three dream trees can be seen in the distance. The Winter Queen watches as many vorkai move along a road, before turning away with a flourish of her cloak. Leaves fly up in its wake.
In Maldraxxus, the leaves fade into embers on the wind. Margrave Krexus, standing beneath a necropolis, lifts his axe as a rallying motion. The camera pans over to show a large number of soldiers battling below four necropoli. The one in front rains necromantic fire upon the armies.
In Revendreth, two venthyr drain anima from a soul. Three more souls kneel before Denathrius. He picks one up and studies it.
Denathrius: Hmm.
With a smug scoff, Denathrius turns and hurls the soul off the ledge into the Maw. It can be heard screaming as it falls.
Within the Maw, the Jailer kneels, chained in place.
Jailer: Beyond the veil lies darkness, where every soul has its place.