AllianceBig Trouble in Moonbrook
Start Agent Kearnen [68.3, 70.4]
End Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle [56.4, 49.5]
Level 5-30
Category Westfall
Experience 740
Reputation +250 Stormwind
Rewards  [Gryan's Boots]
or  [Troublesome Gloves]
or  [Legwork Trousers]
or  [Troublesome Grips]
5s 65c
Previous A [5-30] Secrets of the Tower
Next A [5-30] To Moonbrook!


Report your findings to Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle at Sentinel Hill in Westfall.


I'll be filling out my report and heading back to Stormwind shortly. SI: 7 must be informed of the happenings in Westfall. I would recommend you do the same and report back to Gryan.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv boots chain 02.png [Gryan's Boots] Inv gauntlets 21.png [Troublesome Gloves]
Inv pants 09.png [Legwork Trousers] Inv gauntlets 21.png [Troublesome Grips]

You will also receive:


Who IS this Shadowy Figure? We have to get to Moonbrook.


Before returning to Sentinel Hill, finish taking care of the gnolls required for Jango Spothide.


Optional breadcrumbs: A [5-30] Furlbrow's Deed, A [5-30] Hero's Call: Westfall!

  1. A [5-30] Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me
  2. A [5-30] Hot On the Trail: The Riverpaw Clan / A [5-30] Hot On the Trail: Murlocs
    1. N [5-30] Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure
    2. N [5-30] Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure
    3. N [5-30] Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure
    4. N [5-30] Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure
  3. A [5-30] Meet Two-Shoed Lou
  4. A [5-30] Livin' the Life
  5. A [5-30] Lou's Parting Thoughts
  6. A [5-30] Shakedown at the Saldean's
  7. A [5-30] Times are Tough / A [5-30] Westfall Stew
  8. A [5-30] You Have Our Thanks
  9. A [5-30] Hope for the People
  10. A [5-30] Feeding the Hungry and the Hopeless / A [5-30] In Defense of Westfall
  11. A [5-30] Find Agent Kearnen
  12. A [5-30] Secrets of the Tower
  13. A [5-30] Big Trouble in Moonbrook
  14. A [5-30] To Moonbrook!
  15. A [5-30] Propaganda
  16. A [5-30] The Dawning of a New Day
  17. A [5-30] Secrets Revealed
  18. A [5-30] A Vision of the Past
  19. A [5-30] Rise of the Brotherhood
  20. A [5-30] Return to Sentinel Hill
  21. A [5-30] Threat to the Kingdom

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