NeutralBinan Village
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Binan Village
Leader(s) IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Mayor Bramblestaff
Race(s) PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Affiliation(s) Neutral Independent
Location Southeast Kun-Lai Summit

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Binan Village can be found in southeast Kun-Lai Summit, on the southwest bank of Inkgill Mere in the Kun-Lai Pass. It is home to the finest healers in Pandaria.[1] The Bataari tribe of yaungol are attacking from Fire Camp Bataar and Mayor Bramblestaff can't figure out why.

The north half of the village is also part of the Old Village Digsite.


The scenario Brewmoon Festival plays out in Binan Village. Brewmaster Boof by the dock starts the event.

Notable inhabitants

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The Binan Journeyman can be found in the Veiled Stairs.

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The Chinese phrase ' 避難 ' (Pinyin: ' bì nàn ') means 'to flee from disaster or persecution', considering the presence of pandaren refugees in Binan Village due to the yaungol attacks.

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