AllianceBishop Arthur
Image of Bishop Arthur
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 40
Class Priest
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Stormwind, Church of the Holy Light
Occupation Bishop
Location Cathedral of Light, Stormwind City[50.0, 46.0]
Status Alive

Bishop Arthur is a human priest who replaces Bishop Farthing in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City after the player completes the scenario portion of N Priest [10-45] Blade in Twilight.

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After the Fourth War, Arthur unlocked the door leading to the crypts beneath the Cathedral for Anduin Wrynn, Genn Greymane, and Turalyon in order to take a look at the bodies of Alliance soldiers.[1]


Have you come to supplicate yourself before the Light? Or pehaps you have come here to train in the holy arts?
If you are here to speak with Archbishop Benedictus or Bishop Farthing, they have both gone on missions.
  • Gossip A mission?
Yes. He has been called upon to help the aspects with their efforts at Wyrmrest. He wishes to aid them in cleansing Azeroth of Deathwing's menace.
May the Light guide his path.
Gossip Actually, I saw Benedictus at Wyrmrest. He was the Twilight Prophet.
Ha hah hah! Benedictus, the Twilight Prophet!
Bwa ha ha ha!
Oh, that's a good one. Hoo-ee.
Gossip I'm serious. Benedictus tried to kill Thrall and deliver Azeroth to Deathwing. I saw it with my own eyes.
Rumors, child. Rumors have a way of attaching themselves to people of power. In fact, I recently heard a particularly nasty one about the late Lord Bolvar.
I will ask you to spread your lies elsewhere. Return when you are ready to confess your wrongs before the Light.
  • Gossip Bishop Farthing has left too?
Yes, he left in quite a hurry. After dealing with the accusations against Benedictus, he decided to go investigate the matter personally. Hopefully he will find some peace on his mission.
Gossip Peace? What was wrong?
Yes, well, he hasn't really been the same lately. Arguing with himself, being more secretive, ignoring ceremonies. I think the stress of this investigation just got to him. I hope he's alright.

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