The Black Breach.

The Black Breach from an official preview.

The Black Breach[57, 31] is a rift in the Twilight Highlands, located to the east of Thundermar and northeast of Bloodgulch. It is a large fissure within the ground where the Twilight's Hammer has erected a number of buildings and tents. Their Shaman of the Black are controlling a large number of Obsidian Stoneslaves, elementals who are exploiting the breach. The shamans are also conducting some sort of ritual in the area's center.

Overlord Sunderfury and an  [Eye of Twilight] are also located here.

Notes and trivia

  • The stoneslaves, especially to miners who also can mine their corpses, are known for having a high droprate of  [Volatile Earth]. As such, this location is a common spot for farming this item.[1][2]
  • In the beta, the subzone was known as The Black Sunder.

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