Black Dragonscale Boots are a pair of Leatherworker-created boots. The bonus to attack power means these boots would be good for a Hunter or an Enhancement Shaman.


This item is crafted with Leatherworking (300); taught by  [Pattern: Black Dragonscale Boots], a Thorium Brotherhood reputation reward.

Materials required:
Inv misc rune 05.png 6x [Enchanted Leather] Inv misc monsterscales 07.png 30x [Black Dragonscale]
Spell fire flamebolt.png 4x [Fiery Core] Spell nature earthquake.png 3x [Lava Core]
Spell shadow antimagicshell.png 2x [Rune Thread]


Patch changes

  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.8.0 (2005-10-10): The Black Dragonscale Leatherworking Armor pieces are now parts of a set and have set bonuses so they should be significantly more desirable.

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