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Black Empire Campaign

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Black Empire Campaign
Location Azeroth; Ny'alotha
Result N'Zoth defeated

Alliance and Horde


Black Empire

Commanders and leaders

Alliance and Horde


Black Empire

Previous Fourth War

The Black Empire Campaign[1] is a war against the Black Empire of N'Zoth taking place after the Fourth War.

Uldum and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms are assaulted by N'Zoth's forces as well as by others.


At the end of the Nazjatar Campaign in the Fourth War, N'Zoth was released from its prison.


Succeeding the Alliance War Campaign and Horde War Campaign that concluded in patch 8.2.5, the Black Empire Campaign introduces and deals with the conflict of patch 8.3.0.

  1. Faction intro:
  2. B [120] Where the Heart Is
  3. N [120] Network Diagnostics
  4. N [120] A Titanic Problem
  5. N [120] The Halls of Origination
  6. N [120] To Ramkahen
  7. N [120] The Uldum Accord
  8. N [120] Surfacing Threats
  9. N [120] Forging Onward
  10. N [120] It's Never Easy
  11. N [120] The Mysterious Sigil
  12. N [120] Clans of the Mogu
  13. N [120] Finding the Rajani
  14. N [120] Time-Lost Warriors
  15. N [120] Proof of Tenacity
  16. N [120] The Engine of Nalak'sha
  17. N [120] Restored Hope
  18. N [120] Magni's Findings
  19. N [120] Power Protocol Initiation
  20. N [120] Re-Origination
  21. N [120] Investigating the Halls
  22. N [120] Beginning the Descent
  23. N [120] Deeper Into the Darkness
  24. N [120] Descending Into Madness
  25. N [120] Opening the Gateway
  26. N [120] Into the Darkest Depths
  27. N [120] Whispers in the Dark
  28. N [120] Into Dreams
  29. N [120R] Ny'alotha, the Waking City: The Corruptor's End