BossBlack Guard Swordsmith
Image of Black Guard Swordsmith
Race Skeletal warrior (Undead)
Level 50 Elite
Affiliation(s) Black Guard
Location Stratholme
Status Killable

The Black Guard Swordsmith is a level 50 elite armored skeleton in the "Scourge" side of Stratholme. He does not appear normally in the instance but will appear when a player tries to pick up a parchment called Blacksmithing Plans. The Swordsmith will appear and will try to kill the players.

The Blacksmithing Plans appear to the right of the stairs of the first ziggurat. Baroness Anastari appears at the top of that ziggurat. It's best to clear out any enemies in the area before trying to trigger the Swordsmith. He is a member of the Black Guard.

Objective of


  • Black Guard Swordsmith says: Payment for those plans comes in bones - YOUR BONES!


Notable loot
Inv misc note 04.png [Bottom Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume III]

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