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The Black Market Auction House User Interface.

The Black Market Auction House[54, 15] allows players to bid on special items that are not normally sold by NPCs. Run by Madam Goya, she was originally located at the Black Market, near the Tavern in the Mists on the Veiled Stair of Pandaria.

In patch 6.0.2, she decided to move her operation to the Ring of Blood on Draenor for more lucrative markets. In patch 7.0.3, she left Draenor and relocated to Dalaran above the Broken Isles, setting up shop among the lawless elements in the Underbelly.

In patch 6.2.0, a representative of the black market auction house was introduced, Zhang Yeoh will become a resident of your garrison upon completing N [100] The Missing Manifest. Which comes from  [Waterlogged Manifest] rewarded from the shipyard mission Black Market Journal. She allows you to browse the current active auctions, but no bids can be placed.

In patch 8.2.0 you can get the  [Encrypted Black Market Radio] on Mechagon Island.

In Shadowlands, the Black Market is located at the Night Market in Revendreth and is run by Ta'xera.

How it works

Instead of buying items from other players like the regular Auction House, items on the Black Market are generated and listed by NPCs. The items are listed for one day only. The items for sale vary from items that were made unobtainable, to rare drops and TCG items. All items are listed infrequently, so it should not be seen as a reliable way to farm rarities.

  • Mount bids start at 20,000g.
  • Companions bids start between 1g and 20,000g, depending on the original source and how hard it is to get.
  • Vanity/misc items start between 10,000g and 15,000g.

Bidding works like the regular Auction House. There is no buyout price. The sky (or the gold cap) is the limit when competing with other players for the final bid. With a successful purchase, the item is sent in the mail. Normal Bind on Pickup rules apply, so you must bid on the correct character.

The supply of items is realm-based. Each realm will have different items for sale at any one time and prices are likely to vary wildly from server to server.

If empty, the item window will list "There are no items at this time. Please check back later."

Items for sale

These are items that may appear for sale. There may be more items which, due to the random nature of listings, have not been seen yet.






Most auctions are posted by various well-known NPCs, depending on the item type:

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