For the location, see Black Temple.
Black Temple
Black Temple TCG art.jpg
Publisher(s) Upper Deck Entertainment
Type Raid
Total cards 70

Black Temple box.

Trading Card Game
This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.

Set details

Card totals

Total Cards: 70

  • 70 Numbered Cards
    • 13 Commons
    • 47 Uncommons
    • 10 Rares
    • 0 Epics

This set contains one 70 cards based on the Black Temple.


The numbering is based on a priority of:

  1. Heroes
    1. Neutral
  2. Abilities
    1. Neutral
  3. Allies
    1. Neutral
  4. Events
    1. Neutral
  5. Betrayer Event
    1. Neutral

Each section is then ordered numerically.

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